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Copy of Library

No description

Jennifer Hernandez Toler

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Library

Local, national mainstream media, medical technology (e.g., Today, GMA, Rachael Ray, Newsweek, relevant blogs, etc.)
Patients and
Planning Begins with the Standards
1. What are the expectations for students at this level?

2. What skills and strategies do students need to be successful?

3. What do students need to know to be college and career ready?

1. Review resources that align to the standards and address the learning targets
2. Consider evidence that demonstrates mastery
3. Design activities around LEARN, PRACTICE, APPLY, and ASSESS
1. Unwrap the standards into manageable objectives
2. Create a unit calendar that specifies a time frame to meet the objectives
3. Using student friendly language and format parse information into learning targets to be addressed within the unit

Develop a Plan
Project Based Learning
1. How can students demonstrate mastery?
2. What kinds of projects allow for real-word application of strategies and skills?
3. Develop a rubric to assess the learning targets and benchmarks

ELA Unit Template
Unit Plan
Small Group Planning
Explanation of ELA Block
Planning for Centers
Unit Calendar
Learning targets include: Learn, Practice, Apply, and Assess

Learn: Methods of instruction to delivery content/strategies/skills to students
Practice: Modes of rehearsal of content/strategies/skills and preparation for deeper understanding
Apply: application of content/strategies/skills to real world experiences in order to solidify understanding
Assess: Check for understanding and depth of knowledge

Differentiated Instruction makes content, strategies/skills accessible to all learning styles and levels of ability
Centers make content, strategies, and skills accessible to all learning styles and levels of ability
Load additional resources into BUZZ for students to access and future reference
Key Ideas
Long term planning eliminates the need for daily lesson plans
A good project or performance assessment drives the unit planning
BUZZ is a great way to store and make a variety of resources accessible to all
Share ideas and resources among your colleagues
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