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Yours ideas our products

No description

Tomasz Wojciechowski

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Yours ideas our products

Yours ideas our products
Creating new Bar-line
It takes a long time ....
but from the very beginning we know that particular project is worth our effort.
Concept bar-line will give you an inspirations
We will bring your ideas to life
Trust our experience in
making bars
Our goal is to set new standards
.... and we do it.
with great pleasure we would like to present you ...
Do you have project?
Bases with unit on the sidelines
Bases with unit centrally
Bases without chilling unit
Bar-line modules
Supplementary chilling equipment
Wall mounted chilling cupboard
Keg chiller
Neutral bases
Supplementary accesories
Top plates
You need more
Wall panels
Movable shelf
Shelf for bottles
Shelf for GN
Ice container
Type A
Type B
Samples of top plates
Curved top plate
Beer taps
Beer mugs sprinkler
Sample configuration
Bases with unit at the bottom
Samples of project
Module OL
left plain door
Module OP
right plain door
Module 1L
left glass door
Module 1P
right glass door
Module 2
plain drawers
Module 3
glass drawers
Module 4
wide plain drawers
Module 5
wide glass drawers
Waste chiller
open cupboard base
closed cupboard base
cupboards with drowers
cupboards for bottles
cupboards for coffe machines with cup dispensers
with dregdrawer and extendable waste container
Cupboards for dishwasher or ice machine
Bar inspirations
Shelf for bottles
Immersed top plate with the back
edge, with two sinks and
Open cupboard base
Chilling base
base with refrigeration
unit on the sidelines
colorful stainless steel as an option
Cupboard base for bottles
Cupboard base for coffee machine with cup dispenser and dregdrawer
Chilling base with refrigeration unit on the sidelines
Chilling base with refrigeration unit centrally
Chilling base with refrigration unit
on the sidelines
Details make difference
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