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The Coptic Church

No description

preethi samuel

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Coptic Church

- established in Alexandria, Egypt in 43 A.D. in the first century, 12 years after the Lords death and ascension
-based off the teaching of Saint Mark and the Nicene Creed
- the word Coptic (Copts) means Egyptian and last stage of ancient Egyptian language
The Coptic Church By Preethi Samuel Origin Origin cont'd - Egypt is distinguished as the place Mary and Joseph (or the Holy Family) traveled to from Judea
- The Coptic Church is also common in Lebanon, some parts of Africa, and the middle east
- associated languages with the Coptic Church include Coptic, Arabic, Egyptian, Swahili and other African languages
-the Coptic Church is now more than 1,900 years old
Beliefs - main beliefs of the Christian faith
- believe the teachings of Saint Mark
- Jesus Christ to be monophysitism/ miaphytism: which is to belief that Jesus had only one nature; his divine and human nature were completely united Beliefs cont'd Ecumenical Council: gatherings of bishops from around the world to regulate matters of faith and morals

- adopted the Nicene creed -325 AD
-altered the creed to the modern version used in eastern and oriental orthodox churches -381 AD
-declare the Virgin Mary as mother of God -431 AD Founder - Saint Mark the Evangelist
- brought Christianity to Egypt and established the Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt around 43 A.D.
- is one of seventy-two apostles
- born in western Libya, three years after the birth of Jesus Christ
-named as the first Pope of Alexandria (43-68 AD)
- the Coptic Church is currently led by Pope Tawadros II
Symbols Coptic cross: represents the main church of Egypt
-comes in several different forms
- some of their designs of the cross was influenced by the Ankh cross
- many have 12 points or ends to represent the 12 apostles
- reads Jesus Christ Son of God in Coptic
- the circle represents Gods everlasting love, as well as Christ's halo Symbols cont'd Sacred Writings - biblical scriptures have been translated into Coptic script as well as Arabic and other African languages of the Coptic church
- sayings and writings of Saints, creeds of the Holy Council and Church/ ritual books Festivals/ Holy Days Coptic calendar: has 13 months that is separated into 3 seasons (Inundation, Sowing, and Harvest)
7 Major Feasts
1. The Annunciation April 7- announcement by angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary about the birth of Jesus
2. Christmas January 7
3. Baptism of Christ January 19
4. Palm Sunday
5.The feast (of resurrection)
6. Ascension
7. Pentecost Coptic Month
Pikouji' n' abot Modern
Nasie Start
11 Sept
10 Nov
10 Dec
9 Jan
8 Feb
10 Mar
9 Apr
9 May
8 Jun
8 Jul
7 Aug
6 Sep Coptic Calendar Holy Places The Hanging Church
- aka Saint Virgin Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church
-one of the oldest and most famous churches in Egypt and dates back to 7 Century AD
- located above a gatehouse of Babylon Fortress
- has 110 icons
http://www.uncorneredmarket.com/2011/12/hanging-church-coptic-cairo-panorama/ Holy Places cont'd St. Mark's Coptic Cathedral - in Alexandria, Egypt
-stands on the site where St Mark the Evangelist founded a church in 60 AD
- seat of the Pope of Alexandria Cultural Impact - first Catechetical School in the world
-Scholars found many interesting information about history that contributed to the Christian faith
- is also well respected to be the refuge country for the holy family
- Coptic faith has spread all around the world (20 million worldwide and 4 million outside)
- many Coptic churches around the world
- valued denomination of the Christian faith
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