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Define GMO/History

No description

Elizabeth Custer

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Define GMO/History

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO):
Organism whose genetic material has been modified by genetic engineering.

1982: FDA Approved the first GMO to be use in Hospital

1986-87: Field Tested of GMO crops in Belgium and USA
Tobacco plants and Tomato plants
resistance to pesticide

1992: GMO being sold in supermarket
Flavr Saver Tomato by Calgene

1996: Roundup Ready Soybean by Monsanto
Roundup ready corn and canola

1997: Europe required GMO labeling in all GMO

Different Health controversial on GMO food
EU "unofficially" ban development and import of GMO
FDA published a guideline for companies who wish to label their food "free of genetic modification"

Genetically Modified Organisms
By: Elizabeth Custer, Vivi Torres, and Alice Law
Cons of Using GMO Foods
New class of insecticide resistant bugs arise
New class of herbicide resistant weeds arise
Cons of Using GMO Foods
Introduce new toxins into the food supply
Herbicides and insecticides associated with cancer and other severe conditions
Cons of Using GMO Foods
Increased use of pesticides decrease the bee population
Decrease pollination and world's food supply
Cons of Using GMO Foods
Cross Pollination, wide spread of GMO pollen
Difficulty in eliminating GMO pollen from the food supply
Benefits of GMO Foods
Fight Malnourishment
Improved Taste and Quality
Resistance to Disease, Weeds and Pests
Past, Present and Future
Benefits of GMO Foods

Benefits of GMO Foods
Benefits of GMO Foods
- Provides main crops to developing countries
- Example: Rice
- Nutritional value to developing countries
- Example: Additional Vitamins and Minerals
- Higher survival tolerance in developing countries
- Example: Year round, Different Climates

- Foods with BETTER appearance
- Designed to be sturdier and more robust than conventional foods
- Can survive climate change
- Longer shelf life
- Resistant to disease, weeds and pests
- The Hawaiian papaya industry manged to save the papaya from the ringspot virus.
Benefits of GM Foods

- Scientific Foods have been around for many years
- Variety of plants came naturally or naturally by cross-breeding
- Speeding up traditional plant breeding and animal husbandry so the world does not have to wait for years for the finished products
- Hybrid Foods
- Pluots. Tangelos, Grapples
- USA does NOT label
- still Regulated
- 100% organic states no GMO present
- Other countries regulate
- European Union

Regulation of GM Foods
The decision lies with the consumer on whether or not they want to consume GMO food products, because the topic is still up for debate.
Cons of Using GMO Food Products
The History of GMO Food Products
Benefits of Using GMO Food Products
Herbert Boyer:
Studied isolation of enzymes to cut DNA segments
Stanley Cohen:
Studied cloning of Genes and transfer of plasmid into bacteria
Work together:
Develop recombinant DNA technology, showing that genetically engineered DNA molecules may be cloned in foreign cells
Biogenetic company AquaBounty created a genetically modify salmon.
Rejected by FDA
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