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The Odyessey

Odysseus The Epic Hero

Erika Hollander

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of The Odyessey

Odysseus The Epic Hero Odysseus starts out the story by leaving his family behind and going off to fight the bloody war in Troy and he and his men atr successful with a win. Odysseus is the main characrter of this story and he is an epic hero that encountered many trials and tribulations that he over came on his journey. Next, Odysseus comes across a giant Cyclops. He and his men are able to defeat him because of Odysseus's intelligence. They lull the Cyclops to sleep by giving him wine and then they stab him in the eye. On the long journey home, Odysseus comes across an island at which The Lotus Eaters live on. Again, Odysseus being the epic leader that he is, makes sure that his crew does not eat the Lotus and for the ones that did, he threw them over his shoulder and tied them to the boat. when encountering the Sirens, Odysses was used his wits to put beeswax in his crew's ears to mprotect him and then to protect himself he tied himself down. Now, on the island of Aeaea, the goddess Circe had turned some of Odysseus's men into animals and he was brave enough to go save them and smart enough to listen to hermes and eat the Moly so that the Circe's spells wouldn't work on him. Odysseus lead his men through Charybdis and the Scylla by taking Circe's advice and going fast through the waters even theough it caused him to loose 6 men. there was no way to avoid it. The End
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