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Public Speaking/Construction of a Presentation

Lecture 1 (08/29/2013)

Carrie Dischiave

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Public Speaking/Construction of a Presentation

Information Reporting and Presentation
IST 444

Public Speaking:

Formal and more socially important than everyday conversation.
Is it necessary?
Why is public speaking
Know your material
Practice,Practice, Practice!!!!
Know the Audience
Know the Room
Visualize yourself giving your speech
Realize the people want you to succeed
Don't apologize
Concentrate on the message - not the medium
Gain Experience
Constructing a Presentation
Hook 'em!

Grab audience attention quickly. Speaker has 90 seconds to capture the interest of the audience.
Make your main points
Don't try too much
Use transitional devices to show the connection between ideas.

10% of speech
Summarize/re-emphasize main points
Use suitable ending.
Informative Public speaking:
Personal and Professional success, as well as safety and survival depend on successful communication of facts and knowledge.
State Purpose
Make audience want to keep listening.
How to Hook:
Startling Fact
Relevant Quote
Personal Story
Interesting statistic
Approaches to preparing the body:

10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes:
1. Starting with a whimper 6. Using someone else's stories
2. Attempting to imitate other speakers 7. Speaking without passion
3. Failing to work the room 8. Ending speech with a question
4. Failing to use relaxation techniques 9. Failing to prepare
5. Reading a speech word for word 10. Failure to recognize public
speaking is an acquired skill
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