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Wild about Prezis!

No description

Ioanna Mos

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Wild about Prezis!

Wild about Prezis!
Let's take it step by step - it's easy and fun!

View the tutorial
Click "New Prezi" to begin
Pick from a selection of templates or be creative and use a blank canvas
Navigate the canvas with the 4 symbols on the right of your screen (zoom and move)
Play with the transformation tool
Customize your colors and fonts on blank canvases
Step 1
Find your home! In Edit and Present modes use the
Home button
to see what you've done!
Frame your content just like on ppt (group your ideas on different slides)
Insert frames, arrows, high-light text (Frames & Arrows)
Insert diagrams, pictures, u-tube videos, live links, symbols or shapes into your prezi (Insert)
Change the order of your slides (add, delete, move) on the side bar)
Step 2
Share or borrow ideas from other prezis that seem interesting
Visit the
Prezi Explore page
for content, animations and sound effects
Click "save a copy" and prezi will move a copy to your library
Cut and paste into your own prezi or add your information into an existing one
"Borrow" from other prezis
Step 3
Import your power points and convert them to prezis - aka prezify them! There's a detailed tutorial for that!
Hit "Autoplay" and your prezi can entertain your audience. You set your time intervals
Collaborate with others to create a prezi (up to 10 people can collaborate!)
Hit "Share" and co-create
Use animations and music to enhance your prezi

Would you like to see more???
Organize your ideas and look for meaningful patterns (visual)
Use strong templates or be creative
Look at other prezis and get ideas
Think like a director, zoom in, zoom out, be critical
Use invisible frames if you dislike clutter (Frames & Arrows)
Layer texts & objects by using the secondary editor. click on the transformation tool and right click
Use rotatation and size of text
Be creative and have fun!
How do you make great prezis?
Step 5
Need more options????
Step 4
Add URLS to your prezi:
Thank you for being a great audience!
Now it's your turn....remember practice makes perfect!
Have fun!
Differences between Power Point and Prezi

Power Point


WOW Factor Small Huge

Design Elements Basic Cool

User Interface Familiar Tutorial is easy

Templates Available, Available,
Modifiable Modifiable and

Progression Linear Not so much

Easy to develop Yes Yes, once you
figure it out

Last-minute Easy Not as easy

Video Minimize ppt No problem

Cost Part of Free!

Operating System Hard drive Internet
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