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Bordeaux vineyard

No description


on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Bordeaux vineyard

Bordeaux vineyard
Médoc area
Grands Crus Classés :
Soil type :
Sandy with light gravel
Aroma :
Delicate bouquet with aromas of black cherry, cassis, rose and iris, smoke and incense
Palate :
Elegant, rich, dense and profound, with intense tannins.
High in alcohol
Little acidity
Round and fruity
Sensible to moisture
Early maturity
Petit Verdot
Added in small proportion in the blend
Really tannic
Great structure
Late maturity
1855 Grands Crus Classés classification
France wine production
France wine consumption
France wine regions
Bordeaux region
Bordeaux Terroir
Terroir : specific climate, soils and aspects of a region directly affecting the taste of wine.
Bordeaux : the largest French winegrowing area
Grands Crus Classés :
Soil type :
Gravel-covered, with clay-limestone, large stones
Aroma :
Intense and complex with notes of blueberry and blackcurrant, blackberry, prune, tobacco, licorice
Palate :
Powerful and opulent with velvety tannins
Aging process

Incredibly rich and diversified in Bordeaux
Grands Crus Classés :
Soil type :
Light soils with a layer of clay and limestone underneath
Aroma :
Refined and elegant with blackcurrant, violet, mocha, vanilla, spices
Palate :
Rich, earthy, firm, robust and tannic
Grands Crus Classés :
Soil type :
Gravel and silt based plateau on a layer of limestone with clay
Aroma :
Complex bouquet integrating raspberry, cherry and redcurrant, floral, spicy and roasted aromas
Palate :
Powerful, round, full and feminine
The Great Growth ("crus") classification, established in
at the request of
Napoleon III
concerns red wines from
61 Médoc châteaux
, ranked within
five categories
• 5
Premiers Crus
(First Growth)
• 15
Deuxièmes Crus
(Second Growth)
• 14
Troisièmes Crus
(Third Growth)
• 10
Quatrièmes Crus
(Fourth Growth)
• 18
Cinquièmes Crus
(Fifth Growth)
Château Margaux
Château Cos d'Estournel
Château Latour
Château Beychevelle
Open at least 1 hour before degustation
Serve between 16° and 18° C
Appreciate with delicate meats (lamb, duck, veal, ...)
Avoid quarry and game meats
Food pairing
Cabernet Sauvignon
Oldest grape variety
Intense colour
Low percentage of alcohol
Very tannic
Late maturity
Major appelations
Main cépages
12 to 24 months
French oak barrel
Longevity and stability
Keep 5 to 30 years
42,3 L per person per year
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