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The Odyssey Timeline

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Yane Melo

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey Timeline

The Odyssey The Odyssey The Odyssey's main character is Odysseus.
Son of Lateres, King of Ithaca.
He's married to Penelope and his son's name is Telemachus. It is very important to read the Odyssey because, aside its
complex writing, the foundation of most of our thinking is
based on Greek thought. Also, by reading this epic poem, we
can learn some of the way of living in the ancient Greece. 1. The Trojan War This war lasted about 10 years.
During this war, Odysseus sends the Trojan horse, which was a large wooden horse with a hidden place for soldiers to hide in.

This was actually a trap, so when the Trojans dragged the wooden horse into Troy, the soldiers came out and fought back.

After this war came to and end, Odysseus and his crew started sailing back home,
to Ithaca. 2. Cyclops Cyclops are one-eyed giants that are mean, beat their wives/children, have no laws, and don't farm.
When Odysseus and their men first arrived to the Cyclops' land, they introduced themselves with them. Odysseus' men go into a cave, they see the sheep and they want to steal them from the Cyclops, but Odysseus says no. When the Cyclops return, he traps Odysseus and his men in the cave, closing the entrance of the cave behind him with a huge boulder. The Cyclops ate 2 of Odysseus crew for supper, he then went to sleep and in the morning he ate 2 more for breakfast. Odysseus was really upset because he would then have 4 people less than when he came to the Cyclops' land. Odysseus wants revenge, so he makes a spear. When the Cyclops' comes back, he eats 2 more of the crew and gets drunk with wine that Odysseus had offered him before. After drunk, the Cyclops passes out. The Cyclops woke up again and felt a little dizzy, so when Odysseus had time, with the spear he had made, he stabbed the Cyclops' eye and blinded him. The Cyclops, blind, stands in the way and doesn't let the men and Odysseus out, so every time he is touching to see who is going out. His sheep are the only ones allowed to leave.
Therefore, in the night they all made a plan on how they were going to escape the cave, so the will tie themselves under a sheep and when the sheep left, Polyphemus, the main Cyclops, wouldn't notice. Odysseus makes Polyphemus believe that his real name is Nohbody, so when he goes and ask for help when he got his eye stabbed, nobody will listen to him. The Cyclops curses Odysseus and asks his father, Poseidon to make their life miserable while traveling back home. Those words were:
"Should destiny intend that he shall see his roof again among his family in his father land, far be that day, and dark the years between. Let him loose all companions, and return under strange sail to bitter days at home." 6. Scylla and Charybdis They started sailing towards Scylla and Charybdis, the crew was scared so Odysseus spoke to them and told them not to panic. 8. Calypso Odysseus eventually drifts to Ogygia, the home of Calypso, who keeps him on her island for seven years. 7. Helios Cattle 5. Sirens 4. Circe They sail again until they reach the island of Aeaea, home of the goddess Circe. 3. Aeolus and the
God of the Wind After Odysseus and his crew got cursed by the Cyclops, they landed on the island of Aeolia, ruled by Aeolus, the god of the winds. Timeline Aeolus welcomes Odysseus and his crew to the island. They stay at his home for a month. When they leave, Aeolus gifts Odysseus with a bag of west wind, that will blow the ship towards Ithaca and a bag with storm winds. Odysseus asks his crew not to touch the bag. When he falls asleep, his men see Ithaca on the horizon, but before waking their master they decide to check what’s in the bag. The moment they open the bag, all the storm winds escape and blow the ship backwards, and back again to Aeolus' island. The god refuses to help him because he now realizes that Odysseus has been cursed by the gods, he believes there’s no other way he could have messed that one up. They went back sailing and then they saw land. There they met the cannibals that killed all the ships except for Odysseus’ ship. Odysseus, scared, decided to sail back to another place. They divde the ship in two groups, those with Eurylochus and those with Odysseus’. Eurylochus group descends to explore the land, and Odysseus' group stay on the ship. Eurylochus group go into Circe’s home, that is surrounded by wolves and lions. The witch Circe greets them and invites them in. They are amazed by her beauty and everyone goes in, except for Eurylochos. Circe invites them to have a meal with her. Then she turns them into dirty hogs. Eurylochos runs back to the ship to warn Odysseus, who decides to go and rescue his men. On the way to rescue his men, Odysseus is visited by the god Hermes who gives him advice on how to battle Circe. He gives him a magical plant called moly to protect himself from Circe's power. Odysseus arrives to Circe's house, where he threatens her to kill her with his sword if he doesn't turn their men back to normal people. She turns them back to normal people but puts them all into a dream. Circe's invites the whole crew to stay with her and rest, which they do. For a year. Then they beg if they could leave back home, so Odysseus approaches Circe to ask her for help to get to Ithaka. The Ithacans return to Circe's island and she gives Odysseus some instructions on how to avoid the temptation of the Sirens who will try to lure him to death with their beautiful voices. Circe tells Odysseus that no man has ever heard the song of the Sirens and lived to tell the tale. He should have his men wear beeswax in their ears so they can't hear them and make them tie him so he can hear the sirens but not to escape. Then she tells him about two different courses he can take to go home. One is a sharp mountain with storm cloud round the peak. Midway the height is a cavern with Scylla in the mountain who comes down to eat the ships. Scylla is monster that has 12 legs or tentacles, 6 heads, 3 rows of teeth in each head and 6 people are guaranteed to die in the ship because of the 6 heads of Scylla. The second option, was the other side with rocks were we could find Charybdis, which is a whirlpool, that 3 times a day would suck everything. This would not be helpful because he will probably loose all his men and his ship. She also warned him about Thrinacia, the island where Helio’s cattle graze, fine herds, and flocks of goodly ship, where she warns him not to kill Helios’s cattle unless he wants to lose his entire crew. The next day, the sailed back again and as they approached the Sirens and, following Circe’s instructions, Odysseus made his men’s wear beeswax in their ears and then instructed them to tie him securely to the mast so he can listen to them, but not die. They prefer to go towards Scylla rather than Charybdis. As they see how Charybdis is sucking the water, Scylla came down and ate 6 of his best men. Odyseus couldn't stop, so even if he felt the need to help his crew, he needed to keep going. They kept sailing, now they were safe from Scylla and Charybdis. Odysseus tries to persuade his men to bypass Thrinacia, but the crew insisted in landing. 10. Homecoming After 21 years of trying to survive, after all of those adventures, he is able to go back to his home in Ithaca. As they landed, the crew driven by hunger, the crew feasted on Helio’s cattle, they ignore Odysseus’ Warning. Helios says that he will stop shining until someone pays for his cattle. To appease Helios, Zeus sends down a thunderbolt to sink Odysseus’ ship. Only Odysseus survives probably because he has Athena as a protector and because he didn’t ate the cattle. Odysseus wanted to go back home so badly
that Athena, his protector, talked to Zeus about it and send Hermes to tell Calypso to release Odysseus. Calypso then helped him build a raft so he can go back home. 9. King Alcinous After long days in the ocean, Odysseus lands in an island called Scheria, where King Alcinous, welcomes him. The king asks Odysseus who he was and what had happened to him in order to arrive to Scheria. Odysseus does not hesitate in telling him all his adventures. Yanella Melo 9D 13 The Odyssey The End
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