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The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez

No description

Megan Pattenhouse

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez

Silently read the paragraphs written by migrant kids that are on your desk. While you are reading, think about the kinds of challenges they are describing.
The Circuit
Francisco Jiménez grew up in California
He and his family were migrant workers
Even though this was a hard life, he graduated from Santa Clara University and now works there as a professor
GOAL: You will be able to....

Summarize the story so far and make one prediction about what will happen next.

Describe Panchito’s reaction to the move and how he and his family responds to it.

What did we learn?
Let's check our understanding by doing our exit ticket!
by Francisco Jiménez

Migrant Workers
migrant workers pick crops in fields
they work long days of hard, physical labor
they get paid very low wages
they often have to move to follow crops that are in season
kids often help their families by picking crops
when kids are picking crops or when they have to move to find work, they often miss school
families may speak a different language
braceros (n): a worker who comes from Mexico to work, especially in agriculture
foreman (n): a person in charge of a group of workers
share-cropper (n): a farmer who works land for the owner in return for a share of the crop
Descriptive Language
even emotional states and actions
When have I felt...?
Look in the text!
Do Now
Migrant worker:
someone who moves with the seasons to pick crops
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