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group 6 johari

No description

Hasnain Zoeb

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of group 6 johari

A short presentation on JOHARI window! Group 6 Johari Window Another Understanding! Charles Handy, a philosopher of organizational behavior
views Johari window as a house with four rooms! OPEN (Room 1) Blind (Room 2) We all have some habits and personality traits which
we never consider and refuse to recognize but others
are well aware of it! Unknown (Room 3) Now this part is very crucial. It represents the hidden
traits and qualities that are yet to be discovered in ones
life. It is triggered by the subconscious part of our mind. Hidden (Room 4) This is the self hidden part. A side of an individual they dont want others to see. •Ghazal
•Shehroz Shah
•Abdul Samad
•Sheikh. Maaz The Johari Window is a simple and useful model to understand and improve self-awareness and mutual understanding between individuals within a group. The Johari window is a technique created by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955 in the United States of America. Lets take example of the movie For those who haven't watched the movie,
Jim Carrey plays the role of a very good corporate lawyer! Now the open part about his personality showed in this movie is that one of his best qualities as a lawyer is that he is a profound and exquisite liar and he not only practices this in his professional life but in his personal life too! Now the quality part is that everyone knows how much of a big liar he is but still no one can outwit his smartness! Now we know for a fact that almost everyone present in this class must have seen this movie! Lets consider the movie Bolt here! The dog, in the early stages is unaware of his whole life and live in a complete blind area away from the reality! Another general example could be Lets consider the movies Jannat 1 Jannat 2 When in both movies the heroin finds out about the reality of Imran Hashmi, they loose hope of him returning back and he also looses hope and still tries to some how deceive them. BuT the quality of Imran Hashmi which is unknown to him as well as her is that he will eventually end up on the right path becoming a good person....... or die trying! You can also take example of Tony Stark
a.k.a IRON MAN There are many examples of this: Superman Batman Spiderman any hidden secret that an individual keeps falls under this section!
Irrespective of the reason to hide. Activity! But before that one more example i forgot
to mention that falls under room 4! It is the fact that the guy in this
picture is ........... GAY Questions will be appreciated :)
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