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Mark of the Thief

No description

aaron whisler

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Mark of the Thief

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Jennifer A. Nielsen
The story starts off in a mine near Rome where Nic is forced to go into a lost cave by a radulf where Caesars lost treasure is and he is tasked to find his magical bulla(or a pendant). Nic then finds he has magical powers then he travels to rome in search to defeat radulf and finds radulf has magic too. Nic has to make a choice to join radulf and destroy rome or too fight back and save rome.

Mark of the thief ended on a cliff hanger where radulf has captured nics sister and is using her to control him. Radulf also stole nics magic and made nic join with him. The end of the book is very sad and weird. I have never read a book like it.
Figurative language
¨Worst of all was my injured arm , which lay on the ground in front of me like a empty tube¨simile page 164

¨Aurelia´s treatments sounded like the kind of thing i wanted to avoid¨simile page 227

¨If you fight like a boy... Then i don´t see why you can´t learn to use the boys´ entrance.simile page 253

¨ That´s emperor Nero, may he rot in peace he nearly destroyed the empire ... and then built a statue to celebrate himself for it¨.irony page 72

¨I had become a rat in a never ending maze without food or light... I stumbled on something that squeaked back¨.irony page 132
The main character is Nic he is a slave from a mine in Rome hes a hard worker and smart.
Another character is General Radulf. he is a extremely powerful military leader who has led Rome to many military victories and is the Villain the story.
One of Nics friends is Aurelia a street hardened mercenary who befriends Nic and helps to fight radulf.
I thought that my book was very good and it made me feel like i was the main character. My expectations were definitely met.I would also recommend my book to a friend.
Mark of the thief
The author of my book is Jennifer A Nielsen, My book is the Mark of the thief, It is a fiction book. I chose my book because i really like fantasy books and because it is in Rome.
My Reactions
Mark of the Thief
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