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How do plants survive?

No description

Genevieve Bent

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of How do plants survive?

As a plant grows and bursts from the seed coat, the plant sinks its roots deep in the soil. A lot of the soil give plants nutrients that can be provided else where.

The soil also keeps the seed and plant warm, so that the plant can grow big and strong.
What is Dirt or Soil?
Water is the first thing a plant starts to need.
From the very beginning a plant's life water helps them grow.
A seed uses water to start its roots, then as a plant grows water moves all over the plant through the highways inside.
Watch this and sing along!
- Plants actually help to make the air we need, oxygen. But plants also need air to make the food that keeps them growing and helping us too!
-That air is called Carbon Dioxide, and us humans actually breath that out. There are many other things that make carbon dioxide, and sometimes not enough plants to make oxygen with it.
But those plants keep on trying! move to the next part to learn and find out more cool and amazing things about plants!
Do an activity...
Below find and activity to learn more about what is the right balance of all the things a plant needs.


Sunlight comes in handy for all plants!
It is one important thing that helps plants make sugar/plant food.
Some plants need more sun than other, some plants need less than others.
We can find in all different kinds of climates from the Arctic to the Desert.
All those places have different kinds of light hitting the earth.
How do plants survive?
Do plants really need all of this?
Bonus: Learn all about other types of cool plants!
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