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No description

Christina Shabshab

on 9 September 2013

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Born October 13th 1995, In Alexandria (nearly on the sidewalk)
Two brothers: Spencer (19), Blake (12)

Favorite activities: Swinging for hours
The " Awkward " Years
Elementary and Middle school
I went to a tiny private school about 5 Minutes away called Ambleside
My coaches noticed me limping. I had to stop sports
for about 3 years which consisted of crutches casts, and surgery. Then back to the field I went :)
When I was younger sports and dance were all I did.
I Met some of my best friends in elementary school
The type I will always be friends with
All About Me
My music taste changes too often to pin it down.
Favorite food : Sushi
Favorite Color: Blue
100% Republican
Im half American and half....
My favorite sport to play and watch is soccer
Most Embarrassing Moment

I was with my older brother and his friends when they started saying "Joe Schmoe"
I couldn't think of a friend named Joe Schmoe so I asked..
Who is Joe Schmoe?!
They all looked at me like I was crazy, followed by silence, followed
By way more laughter than I thought necessary
Life altering
My Life was changed the Most when I visited the Dominican
Republic for a mission trip. I saw poverty worse than ever before, Starving families, and heard horrible stories. But the thing that stood out to me was despite the situations that these families were in, they still had faith that things would get better. And they found a way to be joyful even throughout their struggles.

This changed my perspective on a lot of things. It reminded me to be thankful for everything. This experience changed my perspective on my goals for the future; I know that depending on what I study I would either like to do medical work, or found a foundation in the DR for the impoverished.
Daily Life
-Much more Thankful for basic things
-Try to conserve resources
-More positive outlook on bad situations

Best Characteristic
mine:Smiling all the time
my friends opinion: Very Genuine
Moving out
-I Will be going to College in Virginia

#1 choice is CNU

I plan on studying either business or medicine

Life after college
Depending on what I ultimately choose to study. I aspire to be a Doctor or a businesswoman (not sure yet)!

I plan on Doing a lot of mission work through my profession

I hope to travel and to have a wonderful family in the far future.
Tough Question. I think I would have to say my personality :)
My pets
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