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Jennifer Rodriguez

on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of Expectations

Expectations Welcome to Read 180/ Read 180 Flex Mrs. Rodriguez
Room 2913 Guidelines and expectations for Read 180 Are you in the right place? Ram PRIDE P- Punctuality R- Respect I- Integrity D- Determination E- Enthusiasm Materials Pen or pencil at all times 1" Binder Set of dividers Loose leaf paper Donations
We need all of the following supplies and it is not my resposibility to provide them... Kleenex Hand Sanitizer Colored pencils/ markers We are FAMILY!!!! *To treat everyone with respect and
follow the class set guidelines *To follow school policy *Bring all materials to class *Follow class procedures and routines everyday *Always work to finish and accept your mistakes and learn from them. Do your best, that is all we can do in life.
*If you have a question during my lecture, please be courteous and raise your hand. Make Up Work You are responsible for makeup work. You have one day for each day that you are absent to complete the missed work for full credit. Grades *Participation grades (Warm ups, exit slips, and classroom participation.
*Daily grades (classwork, vocabulary, quizzes, etc.).
*Major assessments (tests, projects).
Late Work Work that is turned in late will accrue a penalty of 10 points per day (no exceptions). Up to 50 points.
Tardy Policy All Students must be in the classroom before the last bell rings. Students arriving to the classroom after the last bell begins to ring will not be admitted to the classroom and must go to tardy sweep. This is the SCHOOL-WIDE POLICY! BOTH FEET MUST BE ON THE CARPET! Daily Prep FOLLOW THESE STEPS DAILY WHEN ENTERING CLASS: *Get your binder, Rbook and any other required materials including homework out of your table bucket.

*Check the board for daily instructions

*Complete warm-up.
Bathroom Policy Students will remain in class once they have entered the room– you will be allowed one bathroom break per six weeks. PLAN AHEAD if you can not abide by this rule.
Get a doctors note and a letter from an AP, otherwise the rule stands.
Do not ask me why someone else is going to bathroom, etc. Everyone has their own circumstances and that is their own personal business.
Classroom Expectations for success *Respect is #1


*Be courteous.

*Remain in assigned seat at designated table, until we go to centers.

*Do your best work and turn it in on time.
Centers *Move to your group’s center.

*20 minutes in each center/zone.

*Listen for the timer. At the 3 minute warning please follow your procedures for finishing your work in that center.

*When the final buzzer sounds, move quietly and with respect to your next zone.

*Begin the correct procedures for that zone.
Binders and Bookwork Binders and books will be checked everyday for daily grades and every Friday during conferences. You must have a table of contents in your binder. Reading Logs Every Friday Reading logs will be checked.

You are to complete an entry everyday.

This will be graded out of 100 points and you need 5 each week.

At the end of the six weeks, it will be given a final major grade.

Keeping up with your daily work in your log is very important for both daily grades and a major grade.

If the log sheets, quick-writes, or worksheets you need are missing, please notify me and I will make you a copy.

Computer Center
Quick-writes and worksheets Worksheets from Computer center must be completed for every story that you have read on the computer.
There are labeled bins with those worksheets.
If the worksheet you need is missing, please notify me and I will make you a copy.
Follow procedures for the zone.
Book Quizzes You must take a book quiz for every book you read in the reading center.
The quiz is taken during your time in computer center.
You must take a quiz for one book, before moving onto the next book.
You may retake the quiz three times. Your best score will be the quiz grade.
Important Dates September 16th- Picture Day
September 14th- Open House
September 29th- End of 1st six weeks
Contact Information I am looking forward to having a great year! If you have any questions, please email me at jennifer.rodriguez4@cfisd.net What is respect?
What does respect look like?
What does respect sound like?
What respect does feel like?
What is disrespect? What does disrespect look like?
What does disrespect sound like?
What disrespect does feel like?
100 count lined index cards
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