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No description

Mr. Stack

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of 44

I chose 44 because it is one of my favorite numbers and it is my lucky number.

Description of 44
44 is an even number
44 is a composite number
44 is a multiple of 1,2, and 4
In roman numerals 44 is XLIV
factor pairs
Sequence of numbers
26 32 36 40
48 52 56 60 64

unknown digits
1. ___ + 64 = 108

2. 80 - ___ = 36

3. ___ x 8 = 352

4. ___ / 11 = 4
word problems
1. I have 16 cookies. My friend gave me 28 more for a bake sale. How many cookies do I have now?

2. I had 65 chocolate candies. I ate 21 of them. How many chocolates do I have left?

3. My friend has 11 doughnuts. I have 4x as many as she does. How many doughnuts do I have now?

4. I have 220 mints. I want to split them into 5 equal groups. How many mints are in each group?
quarenta e quatro

daichead a ceathairσ
arobaini na nne
Multi- step problems
1. I have 44 cookies. I want to put them in bags of 2, and then put them in baskets of 4 How many bags and how many baskets do I need?

2. I have 22 marbles. I gave 11 to my friend. Then my other friend gave me 33. How many marbles do i have now?
Barrack Obama is the 44th president of the U.S.A.

44 is the atomic number of ruthenium.

The name of a mysterious savior of Poland prophesied by the Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz.
1, 2, 4, 11, 22, 44
are we upside- down?

I have no

Thanks For Watching!!! :)
I chose this number because..., factor pairs, description of 44
statistics multi-step word problems,
sequence of numbers,
unknown digits, word problems
i chose this number because...
σαράντα τέσσερις
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