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Ministry Services Data

No description

Jn Middleton

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ministry Services Data

Ministry Services in PowerChurch Entering Data Creating Reports Types of Services VIS = Visits
CC = Care Calls
CAR = Cards
MTG = Meeting From "Membership Menu"
Select "Reports..."
Select one of the listed reports Select the "filters" for the data
"Minister" will report service by an individual
"Service Type" will report all "Vis", or "CC", or "MTG", etc.
"Dates" will report services within a range of dates
You may select one or more filter; for example, you may report all visits by a selected minister during a specific timeframe. This is an example of the Ministry Services Report From "Membership" menu, select "Ministry Services"
From popup menu, select "Maintain Service Records" Select a record to update
Click "add"
Enter minister's name (e.g. "John")
Enter Date service was rendered
Enter Service Type
Enter location (Home, or FL Hospital, South etc.)
Enter any notes (e.g. "communion", "annointing", "prayer"
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