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Deadly, Unna?

Deadly, Unna? description.......

Adam Davis

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Deadly, Unna?

Deadly, Unna? Is The book mainly based on...... SPORT Racism or........ I personally think that the books main theme is Rascism because of the
the events that that take place in the port and point. The first quarter of the book is definitely based on footy and the footy team at the Port. ......but the last three quarters of the book are about girls, Racism and friendship, but mostly focuses on Racism and friendship other than Girls. Dumbys death was a huge impact on the book and Blacky's life. Blacky was very good friends with Dumby and was distrought when he heard of his death. Blacky thought that as his friend, he should go to his funeral but his Friends and Family disagreed with him so he decided to go anyway. Dumby's death has no relation to sport. Maybe only the slight fact that he played football very well. Blacky wanted the Footy club to recognise Dumby as one of their Star footy players by doing something to honour his death. No one did anything... Blacky met Clarence through Dumby and while he was alive became good friends. Chapters fourteen though forty-one Blacky went to Dumby's funeral, but he had to do it under his own consent. Everybody he asked said not too go because they didn't care or didn't think its his buisiness. After the footy season there are many examples that Racism is more important and the dominant factor in Deadly, Unna? A point of racism is that is in the first quater of the book is that the 'boongs' are always 'buggerising' with the ball, when the coaches tactics are to take it straight down the middle. If a white kid did that Arks would probably let it slide. Racism first starts around the beggining of the book when the footy team are in the locker rooms and the Aboriginals instinctively sit on the other side of the room to the white people. Racism is spread all thruogh the book but mainly in the last three quarters. Sport is only a major factor for the first 16-17 chapters, after that there are just sport references. I personally think Sport was just a lead up to the events that happen later in the book. I think Racism is the main theme in Deadly, Unna? The people of the town are also Racists, for example Slogg's the Butcher wrote 'BOONGS PISS OFF' which is mentioned all through out the book. This doesn't bother Blacky at first until he meets Dumby, Clarence and Tommy Red then he get mad and decides to paint over it. He also hears a joke in the Pub that he used to find funny. 'I’ve laughed at the Joke before, hell I’ve even told the joke.' Blacky states in chapter 22 while in the bar with pickles and the regulars The End.....
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