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Copy of Learn Prezi Fast

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rawan habbeh

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Learn Prezi Fast

Biographic Data
Chief Complaint and History of chief compliant
He is came for Dental check up and he didnt have any sign and symptom ,,
Extra-Oral Examination
Inspection : Symmetrical
Palpation : Lymph Node : NAD
TMJ : clicking or Deviation
of TMJ

Radiological Finding
1- OPG (orthopantomogram )
2- pre-apical
Dental Evaluation
Medical History
Diseases : None
Hospitalization : None
Pregnant : None
Medication : None
Allergies : None
Frontal view
Treatment planning & Seminar ll
Intra -Oral Examination
Done by: Rawan Mahmoud yousef
ID: 200911043
clinic: B11
By: Dr. Alexander Luke

patients name : khaled hafez
Date of Birth : 1974
Gender : Male
Nationality : Jordanian
Occupation : worker
Marital Status : Married

Family History
Relevant History
His father & mother are hypertensive & diabetic
Smoking : yes one pocket daily
Alcohol : None
Bruxism :None
Oral Hygiene : Fair
Soft Tissue : NAD
Hard Tissue : NAD
Occlusion : Class One Canine Relation ship
Lateral View
Lateral View
Occlusal View
Occlusal view
1- necrotic non restartable tooth #16 #24 #25 #28
2- Multiple Asymptomatic caries
3-Generalized Chronic Periodontitis
Treatment Plan
Stage 1: (Etiotrophic phase)
- Oral Hygiene instructions and patient’s motivation and education.
- Supragingival and subgingival scaling and polishing.
periodontics phase
Stage 2: (Surgical phase)
Extraction of non restartable tooth #16 #24 #25 #28
Stage 3: (Restorative phase)
- Restoration of multiple asymptomatic carious lesions according to chart
- Prosthodontic rehabilitation
class II composite #46
Class I amalgam on #47
class III composite
Class I amalgam on #26
Class I composite on #27
Stage 4: (Maintenance phase)
Periodic recall visits to check for:
Plaque & Calculus
Pocket Depth
Gingival inflammation
Tooth Mobility
Other pathologic changes
Treatments left to be done
class III removable partial denture it could be chrome cobalt or acrylic (( for upper arch ))
Bridge between #37 #35
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