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PENDRAGON The Merchant of Death by: D.J MacHale

my second nine weeks book project

kyle daniel

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of PENDRAGON The Merchant of Death by: D.J MacHale

PENDRAGON The Merchant of Death
by: D.J MacHale
report by Kyle Daniel charachters exposition rising action climax falling action resolution There is a cliff hanger because there are sequels Thank you, for watching theme quotes Please read Pendragon the Merchant of Death, it is a great book, I give it 5 stars The climax is when we learn the milago used tak and realize Saint Dane's (Mallos') full power (the tak changes EVERY THING) The theme is to work together and don't worry "Don't worry it is the way it is meant to be"- Osa, Uncle Press,and Bobby (this is the Travelers motto)

"It's better to die fighting than to die a slave" -Rellin

"They both got a glimpse of the apocalypse Rellin got close to loosing every last one of the Milago and Queen Kaegan saw her palace fall to the sea but the bottom line is that they are talking about how to survive"
-Uncle Press Uncle Press walks in on Bobby and Courtney kissing and takes Bobby to an abandoned subway station (the Flume) After reaching the subway Bobby meets Saint Dane and Uncle Press fights Saint Dane. Bobby travels to Dendouran. he and uncle press must help the Milago. but before they can do so Uncle Press gets caught and Bobby calls upon his friends to bring him some supplies from Second Earth (which is against the rules) to bust Press out. They get caught trying to do so and forced to fight the quigs. Afterwards they learn about tak. Loor is badly wounded after the "episode" her and Bobby tries to swim to safety and see that everything has changed from bad to worse to complete misery for both sides. settings Dendouran, and Second Earth Bobby- dynamic Uncle Press - dynamic Courtney- flat Mark- flat Loor- dynamic Osa- flat Alder- flat Rellin- round Saint Dane (Mallos) round Figgis- round Queen kaegan flat
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