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Our Summer Training Journey

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beroo f

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Our Summer Training Journey

Learning Experience
In this summer training, we have been able to do amazing contributions on our project that helped us improve on the professional and personal level.
Also, we had the opportunity to learn:
Many interesting things related to our major including working on two different program languages
C Sharp
also the
SQL database management system
that helped us to extend our knowledge on creating queries.
How to specify several objectives and meet them within a short period of time under
work pressure
Enriching our understanding of the
business environment
and how to
communicate with the stakeholders
and other people.
How to handle problems and solve it in a proper way by applying our experience and knowledge of
system analysis subject
to insure the customer satisfaction.

Our Summer Training Journey
King Abdulaziz University Faculty
of Computing and Information Technology
Summer Training (CP-323)
Prepared by :
Abeer Faris Aboud 0931670
Rabab Mohammed Almohaywi 1030572
Wojood Abdullah Alamoudi 0876011

Employed by: Sumaya Al.Yafai at Nafisa Shams Academy

Advisor Name: Thoria Alghamdi

Nafisa Shams Academy (NSA) for Art and Crafts, one of the job creation programs in Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI).

The academy was established in 2006 and it's considered a part of Bab Rizq Jameel programs, that seeks to develop skills of young Saudi women and sharpen their skills to join the labor market in the Kingdom. Through diversified training programs, the Academy provides several options for trainees eager to find job opportunities.

Company Profile
Task assigned
Our training project is to build a survey system for Nafisa Shams Academy.

Currently, the follow procedure in the academy is done manually by collecting the survey papers from the trainees containing their opinion about each courses and the results are handled by using Microsoft excel to perform the data analysis.

So, they spend a lot of time, effort and even lots of equipments.

Instead of handing trainee’s survey paper to fill it and get their opinion, we built a windows application system that will do their manual procedure and save them lots of time and effort.

And with the support and motivation from our company supervisor and academic advisor, we successfully finished the project.

Project Plan
The system built to automate the process with a short term plan (one month approximately 200 hours).

The project progress will goes through waterfall model phases (Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Finalize).

Analysis Phase
This phase involves gathering and defining the requirements for the system by understanding the user needs and preference.
After understanding those needs, we start to structure the system requirements using:
Use Case Model
Entity Relationship Diagram
Design Phase
We built two kind of prototypes to test and trail the system. Those prototypes represent the first stage of developing a new design.
Low Fidelity Prototype
High Fidelity Prototype
Implementation Phase
We implement our project to a software that operates properly in it's environment using:

Hardware Tools:
- Laptop /Desktop Computer.
Software Tools:
- Visual Studio 2010.
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.
- Edraw Max 6.8.
- Microsoft Office Project 2007.
Programming Languages:
- C Sharp (C#).
- MySQL.
Testing and Training Phases
Software testing can be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a computer program, application or product meets the requirements that guided its design and development to work as expected and satisfies the needs of stakeholders.

We tested our system functionality to make sure that it's working properly with no errors.

Finally, we trained the academia on using the system by sitting with them and explain every function while they try it. In addition, we made a simple guidance file in Arabic language just in case they needed any explanation about some functions.
In the conclusion, we can say that this project was much like an opportunity that allowed us to use every aspect of our knowledge and experience so we can understand the methodologies and techniques to successfully develop a satisfying system for the user.

This training has given us skills and confident that we need to become effective developers, armed with the knowledge and experience required to achieve a successful future.

Being a part of a group project with other interns, gave us an opportunity to work on a challenging business problem, which also led to great team bonding.

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