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Modern day "Witch hunt"

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brayan tellez

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Modern day "Witch hunt"

What is modern day "Witch Hunt"?
What was the Salem Witch trial?
Modern day "witch hunt" example
A huge example of modern day witch hunt would be police brutality against african americans this is a topic in the United states that has grown over the years due to the media. In 1991 an african american, Rodney King was pulled over in a traffic stop King was beaten brutally by L.A police because he was black.Blacks being discriminated has been happening since the first american colony where blacks where slaves until 1865 when they where free some whites, till now whites find there self's superior to the blacks. They even caused a mass riot in L.A. discrimination against blacks are still occurring till today. Sandra Bland a black female of young age pulled over for minor traffic violation on July 10. She was taken to jail and Mysteriously found dead in her jail cell under the custody of white officers.
These cases are a little different from the Salem Witch Trials in the way that there isn't no demonic soul or evil intervened but is similar in the way that there are discrimination against certain outcast in the Salem witch trial it would be the neighbors who the girls didn't like and in police brutality the blacks were the victims.
Rodney King
Sandra Bland
Is there a difference between persecution and discrimination?
Yes! There is a difference, for instance back in the slave trade there was allot of persecution of blacks and till present day there is just hatred. Additionally african americans have received discrimination all over the world, thought as bad or different people. In conclusion the big difference between persecution and discrimination is this . Discrimination is thought as an attitude towards someone and persecution is an action.
who determines who is powerful or powerless in a society
In a sense i feel the media does determine power because the people listen to the media and they have manipulative techniques but in reality the people control who is powerful and who is not based on how the people feel and control things we have the say.
Modern day "Witch hunt"
Brayan, George, Dinikqua
Modern day "witch hunt" is the view during the Salem Witch trial that occurred in 1692. People where getting persecuted, discriminated for being different even beat, just because some members of the community believed they where outcast people who got rejected by the society and different from others in the community.
The Salem trial was a court case in the Salem village of Massachusetts where a group of teenage girls claim to be possessed by the devil and accuse several women of witchcraft.
How is this similar or different to the Salem witch trials?
Does history really repeat itself?
We feel history does repeat its self for example during the first world war Germany was left broke, huge inflation left on germanic money. This event left the citizen with no option but to leave the famous Adolf Hitler a space for rule. He violated the treaty of Versailles which trigger the second world war. BANG! History repeated itself
How do we "witch hunt" modern day
we modern day witch hunt by having discrimination attitudes toward a certain group or person, even beaten or put in jail just because we find them different from others in a way or cause they are thought as an outcast.
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