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Short, Focused, Frequent

No description

Sue Carr

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Short, Focused, Frequent

(SFF) Activities
Short, Focused, Frequent
Students who are demonstrating difficulty in mathematics need multiple opportunities to reinforce concepts within a shorter time frame.

Short, focused, frequent activities are used to increase the rate of progress for targeted students
Reinforce a key concept
Targeting the needs of the students
Aligned to the numeracy continuum
Based on a previously introduced lesson or activity

To build muscle strength you don’t just
lift the weight once
Repetition is required to achieve the desired outcome

We are aiming for the same thing with TEN
We want to provide multiple opportunities
for short, focused, frequent sessions to assist students to develop a deeper knowledge, skill and confidence in number


Planned, daily sessions
Additional to the timetabled Maths block
to provide students with opportunities
to practice and consolidate concepts.

A lot of teachers spend more than 10 minutes
explaining a new activity on a Monday

Students then revisit the same activity throughout the week to consolidate their skills and reinforce what they have learnt

Similarly, during term 1 you will need to spend some time teaching the activities

for short, focused, frequent activities
During lesson breaks
When walking to and from the classroom
When teaching other key learning areas
During roll call

A short, focused, frequent activity
at roll call
Counting how many girls and boys are at school

The activity is for the students to place their photo or name into a ten frame

short, focused, frequent activities
Password on the door
Each time the students walk in or out of the room they need to say the password.
The password can be differentiated to accommodate student learning needs.
say the number
say the number before
say the number after
count on or back
doubles plus 1
friends of 10
friends of 20
friends of 100
skip count by this number to 50, 100
Skip count backwards from 100 by this number

Selecting relevant SFF activities
TEN is not just about playing maths games.

Teachers should reflect on the students’ needs
in line with the numeracy continuum when selecting short, focused, frequent activities.

Great resources for short,
focused, frequent activities

The book provides teachers with a resource for programming activities
in number so that students can develop a powerful and flexible understanding of how numbers are used.

The activities have been designed to build upon students' current methods of solving arithmetical problems.

The activities support and encourage students in using increasingly efficient strategies when completing arithmetical tasks.

Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies Stage 1
Let’s do it!
In small groups take this
SFF and make it:
* A little bit easier
* A little bit harder
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