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What is...

No description

cj johnson

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of What is...

What is technology? is it information? or artifacts? or maybe... futher down the line... technology is both information and artifact... that requires some level of knowledge to understand and manipulate traditonally technology comes from the Greek word: technología téchne ::craft
logía:: to study is this problematic? it can be when we speak in generalities computer technology, medical technolgy, agricultural technology, information technology,
communication technolgy, construction technology, state of the art technology,
digital technology, industrial technology, consumer technology, automotive technology... technology is invisible, through artifact and definition who "gets" technology ...well the literate of course! we must have "literacy," we must be able to read and write however.... if we focus on literacy so much, we can become “Blinded by the Letter.” ? when we think of technological literacy...
we wish to give others some basic, neutral, context-less set of skills "get a better job,"
welcome to "the good life."
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