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Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?

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Liliana Oliveira

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?

Is child behavior better or worse
than it was years ago?

Before the research...
Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
-Blog from Wordpress.com
What factors interfere with the change in behavior?
How are those factors interfering?
What's being done to improve or promote whats good or bad behavior wise?
Some studies has found that children is becoming better. They are more intelligent and dynamic owing to the significant development of modern technology.
Becoming mature, deep minded and and understand how to deal with problems in every step of life.
studies have found that children become worse than before. Their behavior has changed a lot and it is not getting any better, in the contrary, it is getting worse everyday.
There are not as many rules and parents are not as strict as they used to be.
to not be raised with manners, and morals that they should have
Parents quickly turn to medicine for help
Behavior Worse than 20 years ago
Many Parents because of this end up bringing their children to the doctor to be slow down their symptoms with medicine
Growing up with a single parent; trust issues, defensive attitude

Growing up with multiple siblings; neglection, jealousy
Coming from low-income families; don't have the necessary tools
Behavior Worse then 20 Years Ago cont.
4 to 15 year olds in 1979, there were 6.8% identified as having behavioral problems, which by 1999 had risen to 18.7%.
In 1979, less than 1% of children with disturbed behavior were treated with Ritalin-type drugs, a figure which had risen to over 8% by 1996.
Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties
Maintaining good emotional and behavioral health is a vital part for healthy development and enhances a child's well being
Children who have emotional or behavioral difficulties may have problems managing their emotions, focusing on tasks, and/or controlling their behavior.
Factors that may results to the difficulties are the parents, gender, family, household income, race
In 2011, a little more than 5 percent of children ages 4–17 were reported by a parent to have serious difficulties with emotions, concentration, behavior, or being able to get along with other people.
In 2011, the percentage of children with serious emotional or behavioral difficulties differed by gender. More males (7 percent) than females (4 percent) ages 4–17 were reported by a parent to have such difficulties.
In 2011, about 8 percent of children living below the poverty level had serious emotional or behavioral difficulties, compared with 5 percent of children in f
In 2011, the percentage of children with serious difficulties was twice as high among those from single-mother families (8 percent) than among those from two-parent families (4 percent).
In 2011, more White, non-Hispanic children (6 percent) and Black, non-Hispanic children (6 percent) had serious emotional or behavioral difficulties compared with Hispanic children (4 percent).
Statistics from the National Center of Health Statistics
What was concluded/ my opinion...
Questions, Comments, Concerns...
After extensive research, it seems there no way in determining whether or not children's behavior has gotten better or worse then years ago.
Parents/ Guardians or whomever a child is surrounded by effect there behavior
ADHD, real disorder, but is it being diagnosed properly
Questions I asked myself:
Author/Publisher: N/A
D.O.P: June 14,2012
Length:1 page
Reading Level: Average

There are 3x more kids with behavioral problem then there were 20 years ago
And now its harder for teachers and parents to handle disruptive and violent children
Medicine though is given if diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Besides ADHD or behavioral disorder that require medical attention, other factors can still contribute to behavioral issues
Author/Publisher: BBC News
D.O.P:June 7, 2000
Length: 1 page
Reading Level: Average
Notes for the Publisher: The article jumped around from place to place, and there were some grammatical errors
Author/Publisher: Childsatas.gov
D.O.P: 2013
Length: 1 page
Reading Level: Advanced
Notes to the author: It was well written, and informative, it should have discussed more about parent(s) involvement in behavioral issues.
My thoughts before the research:

Children's behavior is much worse then years ago. and its getting worse as years go by
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