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My experience learning German

No description

Sarah Gavranich

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of My experience learning German

Living abroad in Germany and Austria!
At home in Brisbane
I started learning German at school (in grade 7!) and over the summer holidays after grade 9, I traveled to Germany for the first time!
My exchange in Austria
After I graduated from high school, I spent 12 months in Austria living with a host family near Vienna.
SAGSE Exchange to Germany
When I was 15, I traveled to Germany to live with a host family for 6 weeks. Heppenheim was the name of the village and my host family, "Familie Hillenbrand" were wonderful hosts! I am still in touch with the family today.
Working abroad in Nienburg, Germany.
I worked at a German
school in Nienburg for
1 year as an English Language Assistant. It was the best year of my life and the coldest year ever!!
I studied a Bachelor of Arts at UQ for 3 years.
Now I'm back in Australia studying at UQ to become a LOTE teacher for German and Spanish.
Back to Uni!
Finishing school!
I studied German all the way through to senior and after the QSC and final exams...I graduated! Instead of diving straight into studying at Uni, I applied for Rotary Youth Exchange...and I was accepted!
Let the studies begin!
Where will your languages take you?
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