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Career Day

Career Day presentation to middle school students

Charlie Souza

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Career Day

The Road to a successful Career The day you were born Do you best, be your best! Preparing for the Future Humble and shy beginnings... How does my own road look like? End START by Charlie Souza Comfortable life at retirement...
Able to afford the good things...
Family is well taken care of...
[fill in the blank] Enrolled at English language classes as a child.
Graduated from high school with average grades
Attended local college at night
Worked with father during the day
Took additional 2 years to graduate from college
Did not know what a GPA was (mine turned out to be 2.75)
Worked as a freelancer consultant for a few years (ok $$$)
Decided I wanted more from life (expand my knowledge of the world and to make even more $$$)
Now confident and mentoring... How does my own road look like? From Brazil, researched universities in the US that offered scholarships to foreign students.
Needed a 3.0 GPA to get scholarship. Wrote a killer essay to compensate the 2.75 GPA
Moved to the US to attend Mississippi State University on a scholarship program. (The two worst years of my life!)
Graduated and could not find a job in my field of work. (Had to adapt!)
Started working in Oil and Gas after graduation.
Currently 12 years of Oil and Gas experience. This is where I belong! This is where my passion is...
QUESTION: When do you think my career path started? (Part 2) (Part 1) QUESTION: What can you do now for YOUR FUTURE career? Take control of your grades. Learn how to study!
Get off to a good start: study hard, turn in all assignments.
Review your academic strengths and weaknesses.
Talk to friends and family about careers and college.
Sign up for pre-algebra, if at all possible.
Knowing your teacher can make a huge difference!
Scholarships, recommendation letters, coaching, etc...
Take the right courses
READ READ READ books, newspapers, twitter, everything! Talk to your guidance counselor... Preparing for the Future Going to a college or university.
College-track courses to start taking in middle school.
The importance college and universities place on grades.
At what year will your school grades start to matter in the admissions process?
College prep and other honors-level courses you should be taking in high school.
Academic enrichment programs available through your school or local colleges.
Pursuing extracurricular activities such as SPORTS, performing arts, VOLUNTEER WORK, or other activities that interest you. Contact Info Charlie Souza, PE
Project Manager at BP
Education Director at ISA Houston
(713) 323-3260 Credits Middle School Career Day 2012
by Cristina Lamas on Prezi Internships
Jobs Technical Training
Scholarships Goal WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? What moves you? You must always ask yourself... Where's YOUR PASSION?
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