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Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Brianna Z

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson

Important event two
Uncle's death
Conflict Number Two
Character vs. Nature
Conflict number three
Character vs. Society
Important event one
Meeting Eben
Important Event three
Bellingham returns
Character Map One
Actions: Eben pukes after he kills the redcoat

Words: "Uncle says it gets easier after you see a lot of dead bodies" referring to how he acted seeing a dead body perhaps for the first time

Feelings: Eben feels ill and probably a little bit shocked after this event
Conflict Number One
Character vs. Character
John Burns vs. Curzon
John Burns is a soldier that Curzon meets during his stay at Valley Forge.
They frequently fight
Generally do not like each other
John gets into a fight with Curzon, leaving him knocked out and without boots.


Laurie Halse Anderson

Curzon vs. the conditions at Valley Forge
No place to sleep until the soldiers built little huts
Very cold
Early on there was very little food
Sickness spreading
Accusations of him being a slave when he was free
Harassment from John Burns because of his color
Generally frowned upon
Forced into being a slave because of how society thought Africans ought to be treated
Curzon dealt with plenty of racism as a result of being African and not having the same skin color as the powerful people in America. Since people were so racist, he often had to deal with...
When Curzon met Eben is one of the most important events in the novel for a number of reasons.
Because of meeting Eben, Curzon gets boots, a rifle, and a blanket
He (Curzon) gets enlisted into the army
He receives food, water, a shelter, and friendship from other soldiers.
He gets a hiding spot in case someone comes for him
When Uncle dies, John Burns becomes sergeant, creating a living hell for Curzon. His arch nemisis suddenly has control of whatever Curzon does and when. He has to work harder and behave perfectly to avoid punishment from higher ups. Curzon must work more because John Burns is basically looking for a way to get him in trouble and out of the army.
When the evil Bellingham returns, this causes trouble for Curzon. Bellingham soon takes Curzon back to a place he doesn't want to go to and makes him do things he doesn't want to. But Bellingham's return also reunites Curzon with an old friend, giving both of them hope for the future.
A theme featured in
is strength. The book displays this theme throughout the plot many times, such as when:
Curzon kills the redcoat, or when he helps carry the injured soldier two miles
Eben deals with the untimely removal of a close relative.
Curzon is forced to return to Bellingham
Instead of allowing a special someone to slit Bellingham's throat, Curzon keeps his cool to make sure he and his special someone (wink wink) can flee safely.
Character Map Two
Actions: Bellingham retrieves Curzon from Valley Forge

Words: "I did say that one day I would leave you, but that day has not come"

Feelings: Bellingham is happy that Curzon is back, but not happy that prior to the "I did say..." line, Curzon was sassing him.
Famous Person vs. Curzon
Obama vs. Curzon
: Barack Obama
: Hawaii
: Leads our country
: First African- American President, Improved foreign relations, Ended Iraq war, Ordered and oversaw Navy operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, Nominated the first Hispanic justice to the Supreme Court, Appointed the most diverse cabinet in history including more women than any other president.
Obama vs. Curzon Part Two
Obama is more similar to Curzon than you may think. For starters:
Both are African American and have received respect from many people (for Curzon it is the soldiers, for Obama it is our nation).
Also, both agree that racism and discrimination is a bad thing and that black people should not be treated differently than white people.

However, they are also different. For example, today Obama is a free black man. But in Curzon's case, he isn't. Curzon is also not the president, nor does he have the ability to speak his mind out for what he believes in (such as racial discrimination).

I chose Obama because I felt like he and Curzon shared similar characteristics, such as determination and strength. I wouldn't have chosen Wiz Kalifa to compare Curzon to, that would be crazy. I chose Obama because he and Curzon (at least how I
see it) are basically the same person.

I chose this conflict because usually character vs. character is two characters fighting or arguing and that is what Burns and Curzon do on a regular basis
The example of Curzon vs. Conditions at Valley Forge makes sense to use because Valley Forge= Nature, and Curzon is fighting against it
I chose this example for this conflict because it demonstrates character vs. society with the way the novel portrays society against Curzon and other Africans
It's role in the novel is to get the ball rolling and kick of the story, and it is important because it starts the action.
Character Map Two
Actions: Silvenus "swears violently" and orders soldiers to get water and firewood after realizing that they have to make firecake
Words: "A pox on all the generals in the world"
Feelings: Silvenus clearly does not want to make/eat firecake
Important Event Four
Curzon goes back
I chose when Curzon and his special friend (winky winky) return to where Curzon's friends are. This event is important because without it, there would be no resolution. Also, it was made to lead readers on to want to read the third book.
Isabelle and Curzon though I mean
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