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SIOP Lesson Plan

No description

Nathan Tanaka

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of SIOP Lesson Plan

Lesson on Theme
ELL Student Background Information
One Language Objective from WIDA
The End!
Content Objectives
Students will be able to:
- explain what the definition of what Theme as a literary device is
- recognize theme within text
- explain the significance of theme in books

Massachusetts Standards for Content

RL.8.2: Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text.
-“Student will be able to give a brief oral content based presentation”

-Students will talk about the theme that they connected with and wrote about in their paragraph.

Standard 1: Language of Language Arts
Domain: Speaking
ELD Level: 3
Trang Nguyen

Grade Level:
Native Language/Country of Origin:

Native Language Proficiency:
Reads and writes at or near grade level
English Proficiency:
Level 3 Developing

US Schooling:
Mainstreamed with some ESL pull-out instruction
Content Area:
English Language Arts
- Theme
- Plot
- Reoccurring
- Human Experience
- Major Moments
- Gender
Possible Strategies:
- Word Wall - images
- Work with Cognates
- Word match with Definition on note cards
Strategy # 6
Cooperative Learning
Groups of 4

- Group Leader
- Time Keeper
- Note Taker
- Presenter
Cultural Connection
- Students will write a paragraph connecting their own experience to one of the Themes in the book

- Good chance for Trang to write about her own experience (will steer her in that direction)
Comprehensible Input
Write the "Game Plan" on the board with icons next to teach section, and go over it at the beginning of the class.
Students will interact with others during Think, Pair, Share and during the Group Activity
Students will apply their understanding of identifying theme in their books.

Then they will need to create their own paragraph connecting an event and theme in the book to an experience in their own lives.
Paragraph written in class- connecting one of the themes to an event in their lives

The groups output of finding themes in Chapters 1 and 2

Homework - Find themes in Chapters 3 and 4, and write a paragraph that connects an event from chapter 3 and 4 to their own experience through one of the themes.
- Discussion of the literary device Theme
- Give Definition
- Think Pair Share - themes from a book, movie, tv show that you and your neighbor have both experienced
- Introduce 5 themes we will be looking for in our book - To Spoil The Sun - book mark with icons
- Give examples of some moments in the book that support these themes
- Students write a short paragraph on their own about one of the themes that they can relate to
- Teach students how to "code" over the projector

- Get into groups of 4 and assign roles
- Each student shares their Paragraph
- They find one example of each theme in Chapters 1 and 2
- Note Taker writes down the Quote and the pg# and butcher paper
- Presenter presents each groups findings to the class
Today's Lesson is on Theme
Any guesses?
Definition of Theme
Theme is a reoccurring big idea that connects the plot or story line of the book to the human experience
Examples of Common Themes


With your neighbor identify some Themes in Harry Potter
If you have not read Harry Potter pick any book, movie, or TV show you have both seen

Gender Roles
More Complex Themes!

Cultural Differences

Change of Power

Decision Making
Good vs. Evil

Growing Up

What are some themes in the book Bamboo People?
What are some themes in
The House with a Clock in its Walls that are emerging?


Why is Theme important?
very unusual
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