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Measuring Family Progress in HeadStart

No description

Renee Hopkins

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Measuring Family Progress in HeadStart

Measuring Family Progress in Head Start
Family Development: Meet families where they are
The beginning of the
: initial meeting with family

Start with the 'basics':
understanding the family composition & key players in the child's life
is the status of the family members'...
- housing?
- employment?
- education?
- financial situation?
- health?
- means of transportation?
- citizenship?
observing the home environment
: establishing times when family advocate can visit, understanding frequency of check-ins
: understanding the importance of family stabilization for child(ren)'s success
do the parent & child(ren) interact?
Understanding & defining
-- What are the logical next steps?
things that can be observed which show progress
shows action towards progress
step reached to proves progress
Defining Success & Understanding Progress
What does Family stabilization look like?
Goal setting
Goal setting
The Head Start Model:
A Case Management Approach
- Early Childhood Education
- Family Support
- Comprehensive services
(Health, disabilities, transportation)
- School Readiness
- Family Stabilization
Establishing a baseline: supporting the development of child(ren) & family....together!
Measuring Growth
Child development
Parent, Family, Community Engagement Framework
- How far has the family come?
- Is the child school ready?
- Have the family outcomes been met?
How do you know?
"It takes a village" approach
The BIG picture
- BIG implications for Head Start
- BIG applications beyond project
- BIGGER context of HS model
(regional, national, global)
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