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Canada Excursion Project

Canada Excursion Project. Diamond Parks & Rowda Mohammed. Due to Mr. Wright soon.

diamond parks

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Canada Excursion Project

Canada Excursion
By: Rowda Mohammed & Diamond Parks
The place we visited was Ontario , Canada

Excursion to Canada
April 29th - May 3rd
The purpose of going on the excursion is because scholars need to travel the Underground Railroad so we can see how our ancestors traveled to freedom. Also so we can learn more about our ancestors and about how our African race was before slavery.
Comparisons between Canada and the

Both have Democratic governments
Both have the same primary language
Both are free societies
Both was first settled by europeans
Both have a diverse group of cultures
Both countries had slavery
United States Dollar
Star-Spangled Banner
Red and white stripes, and 50 white stars
English, Spanish
50 States, 56 political divisions, and 5 major overseas
Washington, D.C.
has the 68th highest crime rate in the world
Canada has 13 provinces and territories
Canada has the 87th highest crime rate in the world
Canadians call soda pop
health care
Canada is colder than usa
Canadas birth rate is lower than the usa
School Comparisons between Canada and USA
All states provide universal, free elementary and secondary schooling for 12 years.
the grades at which each level begins and ends vary it could be 11 years or 12 years
system covers elementary, secondary and post-secondary education
African-American history Museums we Visited
Josiah Henson Museum
The Charles H. Wright museum
Underground Railroad Museum
The underground railroad to me was a experience of a life time this museum taught me the harsh obstacles my ancestors went through so they can have there freedom. this museum also showed me all the people that was against slavery and wanted to abolish it. -Diamond
I believe that the Josiah Henson Museum was a very alive place to visit. Everything from the past came to life when I went there we saw cabin in the cabin there was a room the room represented what the rooms look like in the past.
This musuem is my favorite we visited the still we rise exhibit and i loved it. i love how it showed us the beginning of our race and how we were so wealthy then it showed us how we got capture all the way to the emancipation proclamation to the election of our 44Th president. - diamond
That experience was so alive and impactful. I learned that Africa used to be called Ethiopia and my ancestors including my mother and father are from Ethiopia. I learned about slavery and this museum showed what the african race was like back then and now i realize that our ancestors worked so hard for our freedom but we take our freedom for granted.
The underground Railroad museum was a great learning experience that taught me the real living environment of an enslaved African it made me feel upset that the living environment of those people were harsh and they didn't deserve that equality. -Rowda

The Josiah Henson museum represent the life of Josiah Henson, Josiah Henson was born a slave in Maryland Josiah was known to be a uncle tom because he was an overseer and the other slaves thought of him as a trader. Josiah trusted his slave master but one day he decided to run. he got his freedom and tjen started helping other people get there freedom.
Motown museum
The Motown or Hitsville USA museum was a great experience there we saw many photographs of back in the day stars. hitsville is a music legacy alot of people sang there such as the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, temptations, plus many many more.
I thought the trip a excellent learning experience the only thing i would change is the long bus ride home and there also the fact that we had to get up early. -Diamond
I thought the trip was a very magnificent learning opportunity. I really learned allot visually and mentally. One thing that changed that i will do is that I will never go to a "picnic" because of the previous meaning. - Rowda
Other places we visited
Rainforest cafe
Ripley wax museum
Tj stables
Ripleys 4d movie
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