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Out of the Box: Customer Serivce Training

No description

Brittany Padgett

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Out of the Box: Customer Serivce Training

IN HIGHER EDUCATION OUT OF THE BOX Who are our customers? Example Out of the Box Training – Main Service Standards Comprehensive Responsiveness - Identify all customer questions, recording, documenting.
Efficiency - Resolving issues completely, listening for ques/keywords.
Listening and Clear Communication - Actively listening, checking for clarity and understanding.
Empathy and Conflict Management - Remaining calm, giving a positive "no". Example Disney's Customer Service Standards Courtesy -Respect.
Efficiency - Smooth operations.
Safety - Welfare for guests and cast.
Show - Seamless guest experience. Example University of Minnesota Service Standards Knowledgeable - Understanding and accuracy.
Efficient - Be comprehensive and verify all issues.
Empathetic - Active listening, be realistic but positive.
Friendly - Introductions and use reassuring voice. Degrees, Certificates, Services, Resources. What are the expectations and needs of our customers? What do they value? How long is too long to return a phone call/email?
How long did a student have to wait in line?
Follow-up with students we have assisted 1st generation, returning, high school, graduates, parents and co-workers Customer Surveys Create service level agreements within Student Services What we have to offer? Measuring Our Success Q-Flow will allow us to use the data measure our turn around times.

Compare students that were assisted and number of graduates,transfers, retention

Scoreboard points should be higher Where to Start. . . Recognize Barriers Staff treat students as an imposition on their work "Cranky clerical folks, arrogant faculty Some departments excel other have "don't bother me attitude." Staff focused on completion of tasks, not student centered Lack of time and the perspective to provide better service to students Identify the Challenges Do we need a cultural shift; our faculty/staff do not see customer service as necessary We do not provide effective customer Service training Structural Obstacles ` Staff use jargon/acronyms 30% vocal- 70% body language Reductions of escalated situations for Directors, Deans and VPs Defining Our Customer Service Standards 1. Survey - give a comprehensive survey to Student Services staff about customer service.
2. Identify - customer services phrases or words.
3. Prioritize - prioritize the standards.
4. Communicate - within departments.
5. Consider- What are the needs of customers? How are we able to serve them?
7. Purpose - Align with college mission. Secret Shopper
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