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Go to Your Corner---Intermediate Speaking

No description

Sumei Wu

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Go to Your Corner---Intermediate Speaking

According to
, if Masar is at the intermediate level, he speaks...
simple messages and hesitates to think about meaning.
using basic vocabulary.
with simple sentence structures and present tense.
Learning Activity:
Go to Your Corner
Masar is in a history class!
Content Objective:
to classify information about four different Native American tribes.
Walk around, observe, and help.
Speak with Masar (Intermediate):
Vogt, M.E. Echevarria, J. (2008). 99 ideas and activities for teaching English learners with the SIOP model. Boston: Pearson.
Key Strategy:
Go to Your Corner

To help Masar improve his communication in English,
recommends the teacher to...
allow extra processing time.
provide sentence stems with simple sentence structures and tenses.
Learning Activity--- "Go to Your Corner"
Step One:
Step Two:
Label four corners.
Step Three:
Step Four:
Corner One
Corner Two
Corner Three
Corner Four
"This is a picture related to the______tribe
because they_____________."

"This is a word related to the______tribe
because they_____________."
Use of short
sentence stems
Explanation for
the selected corner
of information
Index cards & mix around & share and exchange cards.
Language Objective:
to verbally exchange information with peers and explain reasons for a choice.
Select & pair up & explain why they choose the corner.
Make a final decision about
the "right" corner.
Index Card
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