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PR Today

No description

Sadie Wilks

on 24 January 2018

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Transcript of PR Today

Intro to Public Relations
MC 3010
Influx of women
70% women in PR
60% women in US workforce
globalization of audiences
Trends (cont'd)
Social media/mobile
Managing 24/7 news
Less focus on mass media
Lifelong learning
...which is why
strategic communication
is name of the game.

This ONLY works if you know the language...

Graphic design, marketing, advertising, social media, and SEO ...get technical!

You must assume all messaging is available to all of your audiences

Consistency is key.
Evolution of a Profession (p. 53 in THINK)

Press Agentry/Publicity
one-way comm, through mass media, may be "hype"
Public Information
one-way distribution of accurate info, primarily through mass media
Two-Way Asymmetric
two-way comm, research used to better understand audience and persuade it to accept message
Two-Way Symmetric*
two-way comm,
to gain mutual understanding and build relationships

Bottom Line
PR's role is growing in scope and importance - decade after decade.

PR is vital to the success of any org.

So, the answer to the question, "I know you are in PR, but what do you do?"
Build awareness
Motivate organizations
Manage issues
Identify opportunities
Manage crises
Promote social responsibility
Prompt change
Influence public policy
Overcome executive isolation
Review chart on p. 19, THINK text
Help fulfill that "lifetime learning" requirement with edu. programs
Networking with peers
Identifying trends
Scholarly research
Journal of PR Research
PR Review
Pros/Cons for Licensing?

Approx. 18% of PRSA members are APR
PR Expands in Postwar America
Growth of the economy
Dramatic increase in urban, suburban populations
Big business, big labor, big government
Scientific and technical advances
Bottom-line, financial approach to decision making
Proliferation of mass media
Professional Associations
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