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Marcia's Identity Stages

No description

Andrea Rinehart

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Marcia's Identity Stages

What makes us all unique individuals?

"It is not our actions that make us who we really are, it is our choices..."

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Identity Moratorium Marcia's Identity Stages Identity Foreclosure Identity Diffusion Identity Achievement Based on the Erikson's theory of identity development
and classifies groups of adolescents according to their identity status An 18 year old boy's parents want him to be a doctor
so he is planning on majoring into premedicine in college
and has not throughly explored any other options a 13 yr old girl has neither begun to explore her identity in a meaningful way, nor made an identity commitment Identity commitment: a part of identity where an individual shows interest in what they are going to do in the future 19 year old Sasha is not quite sure what life path she wants to follow, but she recently went to the counseling center at her college 21 yr old Marcelo extensively explored a number of different career options in college and eventually got a degree in science education and is looking forward to his first year teaching high school students when an adolescent has not yet experienced an identity crisis (that has not explored meaningful alternatives) and have not made any commitments. Not only are adolescents undecided but are very little interested in such matters.
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