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No description

Veronika Niharosev

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of Ketamine

K E T A M I N E Street Names 11.Vitamin K 1.K-Hole 2.Cat Killer 3.Ket 5.Honey Oil 6.Black Hole 7. Cat Vallium 8.Jet 10.Super Acid 9.Special K 4.Kit Kat "Ketamine is a hallucinogen.A drug that is a hallucinogen causes people to see images, hear sounds, feel sensations that may seem real but in reality are not." What type of drug is Ketamine? What is the cost of Ketamine? + = Cost in clinics: 51$ per gram
Dealers: 25$-50$ per gram Severe cognitve dulling Amnesia Depression High Blood Presure Respiratory problems Long term consequences of Ketamine? Before or After 8. K- hole Do you distribute Ketamine?
Poses it?
Import it?
Export it?
Use it ?

Unless your in the health care business, or work in a pharmaceutical company..

Your penalty is a five year term in jail! Legal consequences for using it? Legal consequences for trafficking? Emotional Mental phychological Dream-like state Vivid dreams Nightmares Intense hallucinations Out of body
experience Flashbacks Feel invulnerable Emotional immaturity Euphoric state Mood changes Confusion Unaware Impaired thought process Easily distracted Disoriented E f f e c t s Bonus time! Fact or fiction? " Angel lover" sends messages in clouds if you use ketamine? Process of ketamine? Consume ketamine Ketamine travels in bloodstream Blood travels to brain Brain receives ketamine Brain begins to experience the effects of ketamine what is ketamine? A clear liquide or white powder, used to tranquilize.
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