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Presentations on Child Related Health Issues

Information on your assignment due 9/15/12.

jane beese

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Presentations on Child Related Health Issues

Child Related Health Issues
Create a presentation on child health issues within the context of your own work, experience, and/or interest.
Presentations can be created using Powerpoint, podcasts, Prezi, or any Web 2.0 tool. You can also write a paper, include a video, or schedule a live chat. Be creative!
Your presentation should engage your audience. Think of ways to involve them in the dialogue or interest them in your topic. Be creative and have fun!

The Boring Economics Teacher at www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxPVyieptwA
Simple, clear, easy to interpret, easy to read.
Well coordinated with content, well designed, used very effectively.
Excellent example of how to prepare and use good visual aids.
Visual Aids
There are plenty of tools you can use for an online presentation. If you would like to try something new but do not know how—try using a tutorial like the following (available on youtube):
Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint
Wiki Tutorial
How to Create a Blog With Blogger
and many many more!

Web 2.0 Tutorials
I am here to help you. If you need help or have any questions email me jbeese@ysu.edu or post your question to our Virtual Classroom on the Discussion Board.
Presentations will be in an online format. Considerations will include:
Level of engagement of audience
Expertise in presentation method (i.e., technology does not impede understanding)
Clear, concise, major points emphasized, clear recommendations, strong conclusion or call for action.
Displayed an excellent grasp of the material.
Demonstrated excellent mastery of content, application and implications.
Excellent research depth.
Topic Knowledge
Consistently clear, concise, well organized.
Points were easy to follow because of the organization.
Transitions between sections smooth and coordinated.
You can use any of the following for this assignment:
Traditional paper
Online chat
Wiki or discussion board
Explain the purpose.
Provide a review of literature.
Frame the issue within the context of your work, experience, and/or interest.
Use statistical data when it helps clarify the issue.
Include references to supporting articles.
What to include
Create a presentation on a child related health issue framed within the context of your work environment, experience, and/or interests.
Your assignment
Presenting Online
Due Date
Your presentation is due Saturday, 9/8/13 at midnight. Turn your presentation in on the Discussion Board titled Child Health Presentations.
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