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New Life Cafe' Final

No description

Jenna Daughtry

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of New Life Cafe' Final

Building future leaders
Restoring lives impacted by addiction
Inviting people into healthy relationships
Developing life skills
Giving back through community reinvestment and service
Expanding opportunities
Current Programs
Restoration House
New Life Catering

Mission Statement:
Our Venture:
Reinvent the New Life Catering into a physical location in the heart of Nashville
Individual Benefits:
-Job Skills
Community Benefits:
-Physical proof of breaking the stigma
-Good Food!
-Symbol change and hope
-Social place of gathering
Organization Benefits
-Community Recognition
Measuring the Benefits
How many clients...
- Have better jobs
- Are involved in business ventures
- Making better life choices
- Making smart financial decisions
Community and Organization
- How many returning customers
- Good Reviews
- Potential Donors and Volunteers
- Amount of people at events
- Newspaper Articles
- Partnerships that have been established
Market Research
Similar Organizations in Comparison
Thistle Farms
- Nonprofit
- Coffee Shop
- Great Success
- Only coffee
- Started with a different venture that is their main source of income
- Nonprofit
- Coffee Shop
- Barely Break Even
- Only Coffee
- Has the financial stability from Harvest Hands to fail.
New Life Cafe'
- Nonprofit
- Restaurant
- Failed at first
- Serves Meals
- Live Music
- Walking distance
- Does not have the financial stability to let this be unsuccessful

• Political factor – Breaking the stigma of ex-cons and addicts

• Social factors – bridging the gap between the middle class and lower class

• Economic factor – helps boost the economy by providing jobs and job training for those that may otherwise be living on the streets and unemployed, keeping them a productive citizen.

What are the important political, social and economic factors?
How Will You Decide the Price??
Advertising and Promotion
- Local businesses
- Churches
- Facebook/Twitter Feed
- Newspaper Story
- TCC Website Updates
- CrossBridge Website Updates
Overall Cost
- Direct mail (using addresses of local business people, donors and church members.) = 2.20 per address= estimate about 400 people= $880 per month.
- E-mail donors/client families of Crossbridge
Cost= labor only= $20 (2 hours of work at $10 an hour) per month
- 2 Chalkboard signs for walk ups= $153.98
- Light up store sign= $310.14
- Google advertising= $249 a month
Start up costs: 153.98+310.14= 464.12

Recurring costs= 880 x 6= 5,280
$20 X 12= 240
$249 X 12= 2,988

Total Advertising Budget for Year = $8,972.12

With an average of 70 meals sold a day with an average profit of $8 a meal the total income for the entire year would be
70 x 10= 630 a day
700 x 6 (days a week)= 4,200 a week
4,200 x 50 (weeks) = $210,000 total profit.

12 hours X 3 paid staff x 10= $360 a day
360 x 6​ (days a week)= $2,160 a week
$2,160 x 50 (weeks)= 108,000

Food Prep=
70 meals x $4.28 = $300 a day
$300 x 6= $1,800 a week
$1,800 x 50= $90,000

Profit= 210,000-labor (108,000) - food (90,000)- advertising (8,972)= 3,028

The left overs go to pay utilities, small expenses, mortgage and other such bills.
The hope is to get a grant that would cut labor cost. Make partnerships that would eliminate some food prep costs and pay the building mortgage off that would allow more profit to be made that would go back into the program as a whole. Over time advertising expenses would have to go up as well as labor costs. The goal is to pay more staff a living wage.

How will the service and the social service be produced and distributed?
- Food is cooked and served to the guests by employees
Social Service
- Job-training curriculum administered by co-manager
Out Partnerships
Urban Farm - Discounted Food
Sam's Club - Discounted Food
O'Charlies - Business planning and consulting and employee outsourcing
Arby's - Employee outsourcing
Running of the organization.
Manages the Business aspect of the Cafe'
Manages the Job Training Program
Employee 1
Prepare, Cook, and Serve Food to Guests
Employee 2
Prepare, Cook, and Serve Food to Guests
Employee 3
Prepare, Cook, and Serve Food to Guests
Help with any jobs that need finishing such as clean up, preparation for meal time,. etc.
Training and Skills
Manager position - needs to have a business degree and preferable experience in the restaurant business already
Co-Manager - experience with people in recovery (possibly hire one of the house managers)
Employees - go through a 6-month job training program and be going through the recovery program
Volunteers - any and all are welcome
Revenue - Cost = Profit
$322,880 - $235,800 = $87,080
- Annual Labor=$80,400
- Annual Food Prep=$90,000
-Annual Advertising=$10,200
Manager Salaries=$54,000
Annual Merchandising=$1,200
- Annual Gross=$210,000
- Annual Merchandising=$2,880
- EDAP2015 Grant=$110,000
Who are our customers?
Business men and women who want healthy and quality food in their business neighborhood.
How does this benefit our clients?
Provides credibility for their resume, job training, and references to provide them the opportunity for future sustainable jobs.
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