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Working at the Library

No description

Margaret Driscoll

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of Working at the Library

Working at the Library
Becoming Familiar With Your New Work Environment!
Where is everything?
Important for ALL Jobs!
Service Attitude is #1
Service to Patrons and Other Staff
The library is a service organization.

Whether or not you work at a

, you are providing a public service. This section applies to how you work with others, whomever they may be.
So many departments!
Ask for a tour within your first week of employment
Maps available online here: http://www.library.ucsb.edu/help/call-numbers-floor-plans
Be prepared for change during construction!
Pay attention to emergency exits / instructions.
We're dynamic. You will be working or
interacting with multiple departments.
Interlibrary Loan
Stack & Copy Services
Area Studies
Special Collections
IT Help Desk
Electronic Timekeeping
Working in the Library is a service job regardless of
where you work or what tasks you are assigned.
Appearing approachable and being friendly are extremely important.
Employees are responsible for accounting for
their hours worked with electronically entered
time stamps, either through a time clock or computer.
Timecard Approval
Signing On
Use your UCSB net I.D. and Password
Clocking In/Out
Approving Your Time Card
Click here to record time stamp
Click here to approve your time card.
Double-check that all hours are correct!
Student employees are paid bi-weekly on Wednesday.
Pickup after 1:00 p.m. in Library Human Resources
Direct Deposit
Student Employee Handbook
Read through your entire handbook
and let your supervisor know if you
have any questions.
Elements of
Excellent Service
Think about when you needed service ...

Recall when you've had bad service... Think about how you felt...

Compare that with an experience of good service!
Our Main Goal
Great Attitude + Great Service = Satisfied People
We Count on YOU!
Service atmosphere
Positive experience
Excellent service
Diligent work
Ownership of responsibility

Good Service Requires...
Good communication skills, including:
face-to-face encounters
telephone etiquette
Factors that Influence Someone's Perception
1. Confidence
2. Empathy
3. Friendliness
4. Credibility
5. Courteousness
6. Knowledge
7. Responsiveness
8. Helpfulness
9. Appearance

The Impression you make
Nonverbal Communication
Problem Patrons
Key Concepts
If you don't know the answer, make the effort to find out
Don't just tell the patron, accompany him/her and show him/her
There are no stupid questions
Patrons are why we are here
Attitude is everything!
How long does it take to form a first impression of someone?
7 seconds?
27 seconds?
47 seconds?
Only 7 seconds!
Gestures -- Facial expressions -- Body movements.
Open posture
Eye contact
Personal space
1. Deal with the patron's feelings
2. Deal with the patron's problem
Good Advice for Bad Situations
Stay calm
Don't challenge
Don't blame
Stay on track
Don't take it personally
Ask a supervisor for assistance
Identify when safety is a concern
If the situation worsens, remove yourself and call for help.
Tips for Success
Review this and other training materials
Develop good work habits
Attend scheduled meetings
Ask for more training if you need it
Know how and when you will be evaluated
Know Expectations
Maintain Balance
Try to keep
in all the important areas of life:
Social Life
Talk with your supervisor about any concerns.
Here's what some current student assistants say about working in the Library.
Denise Stephens, University Librarian, welcomes you!
Click here to complete the review exercise (Required)
Thank you! And welcome to the Library!
This presentation was a collaborative effort of the Student Training Advisory Group:
Casey Caldwell, ILL
Taylor Carman, Stacks Services
Angela Chikowero, eReserves
Margaret Driscoll, Learning Org Librarian
Mallory Gianola, Arts Library
Lynn Jurgensen, Special Collections
Heather Nisen, Reference Services
Kamala Parker, Lib HR
Sarah Steinman, Circulation
Clocking In
Organization of Library Materials
Either sign in to Kronos online or use the Kronos timeclock.
Call Numbers: LC, Gov Docs, others
as Albert Einstein said ...
Before proceeding, listen.
Each slide is narrated with important information.
Plan for one hour to complete this required module.
Full transcript