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Martin Luther King Jr

No description

Kadiatou Diallo

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr
Early years and education
- Grandmother's death
- Academic career
- School reputation
-1963: Delivery of famous speech " I have a dream
-1950-60s-70s: Difficult times for African-Americans
- Laws were bad
Speech, ctd.
- Political masterpiece, work of poetry
- Illusion of the "American dream" demystified
- "Now is the time"
- "When will you be satisfied"
- Dreams of freedom and equality
- Key role in the American civil rights movement
- Inspired by advocades of non-violence (Ghandi)
- Awarded Nobel Peace Prize (1964)
- Rememberance day each year
(Martin Luther King Jr. day)
- Final speech
- James Earl jay
- Always will be remembered as ....
Speech important in many ways
- More attention to the civil rights movement
- Speech located in Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.
- Brought his message nationwide
- Made congress more faster with civil rights Act
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