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Cold War

No description

Sangtawun Miller

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cold War

Double click anywhere & add an idea Name: Konrad Adenauer Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Jan 5, 1876
Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Relationship Status: two times Widowed
Interested in: Reconciliation of Germany with its neighbors
Political view: Individualism
Religious view: Roman Catholic
Work info
City Council (1906-1917)
Lord Mayor (1917-1938)
Chancellor (1949-1963)
Minister of Foreign Affairs (1951-1955)
Chair person of CDU (1949-1966)
Personal Info
Activities: Promoting unity of country
Interests: Foreign affairs
Fave Music: Classical
Fave Book: “Promote Unity” and “How to Communite with foreigners”
About me: unpretentious, extremely disciplined
Education and work: Law and Political Science
College and university: University in Freiburg, Munich and Bonn
Name: Leonid Brezhnev Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Dec 19, 1906
Hometown: Ukraine, Russia Empire
Relationship Status: -
Interested in: Improving relationship between Soviet Union and U.S
Political view: Communism
Work info
Party leader (1939-1945)
Secretariat of Central Committees (Communist party) (1950-1953)(1956-1960)
First Secretary (1964-1966)
General Secretary (1966)
Personal Info
Activities: Invade Czech (1968), Warfare in China (1969)
Fave Music: classical
Fave Book: “How to manage a group of people” and “How to be trustworthy secretary”
About me: Greedy, vanity, trustworthy
Education and work: Engineer
College and university: Kamenskoe metallurgical Inetitute Name: Ronald Reagan
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Feb 6, 1911
Hometown: Tampico, Illinois
Relationship Status: married two times
Political view: Republican
Religious view: -
Work info
Actor (1937-1960)
Governor (1966-1974)
President of US (1981-1989)
Personal Info
Activities: eliminating nuclear weapons from cold war era
Interests: making peace throughout the war
Fave Music: Various music
Fave Book: “How to influence worldwide” and “How to detect land-mines”
About me: friendly, very social able, good listener, patient , great communicator
College and university: Eureka College
Name: Fidel Castro Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Aug 13,1926
Hometown: Biran, Cuba
Relationship Status: married
Interested in: Sports
Political view: Social-Democrat
Religious view: orthodox
Personal Info
Activities: attack on Moncada (July 26, 1953)
Interests: Social Justice
Fave Music: rock
Fave Book: “World Justice” and “Dictatorship”
About me: very active, stubborn
Education and work: Law
College and university: University of Havana
Work info: Dictator (self-titled)
Name: Sir Winston
Leonard Spencer-Churchill Basic Info
Also known as: Old Woom, First Lord of the Admiralty
Position: Prime Minister of Britain (From October 26 1951- April 7 1955)
Birthday: November 30, 1874
Birth Place: Blenheim, Oxfordshire, UK
Died on: January 24, 1965
Buried at: St Martin’s Church, Bladon, Oxfordshire
Nationality: British
Political Party: Conservative ( 1900-1904, 1924-1964), Liberal (1904-1924)
Status: Married
Spouse: Clementine Churchill
Children: Diana Churchill, Randolph Churchill, Sarah Tuchet-Jesson, Marigold Churchill, and Mary Soames (5 children)

Personal Info
Profession: Member of Parliament, statesman, soldier, journalist, historian, author, painter
Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Reading, giving speeches, practicing speeches, being a role model, smoking
Experienced problems: pronouncing the letter S and struggles with math
Education: Harrow School, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
Awards: Noble Prize in Literature, Honorary Citizen of the United States
Achievements: Military Actions in India, Sudan, Second Boer War, Western Front in WW1, 6th Battalion, Royal Scots Fusilier
Books Published: The River War
Interests: anti- communism
Favorite books: The Road to democracy
Winston Churchill’s Status History 1874 30th November (Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire)
I Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill am finally born to serve the United Kingdom. YEAHHHHH!!!
*Status Update (1888):
Yes!!!! I finally am able to enter Harrow School. Although studying isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s better than being asked what does 1+1 equal and you answer window.
*Status Update (1893):
This is the most impressive thing I have done in my life. I always dreamed of getting into the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst and my dream has finally come true although it took me decades to get it, but PHEWW I finally succeeded after all the hard work!! It took me three attempts to finally pass the entrance exam. Finally I chose cavalry instead of infantry because it doesn’t require me to learn mathematics there in which I can’t hate anything more than math.
*Status Update (1895):
YEAHHHHH!! I am commissioned to the 4th Hussars. I am finally able to travel, while on my way I visit Cuba. This is the place I will never forget since it is the first place that I got shot. It may be frightening and painful, however it seems that I have grown a little and am braver now.
*Status Update (1896):
I now have to move to India, in which I am posted there. By going to India I hope to gain as much experience as possible and grow up.
*Status Update (1897):
I am now involved with the Malakand Field force fighting. I now have to fight the local tribesmen on the North west frontier. I will do my best to fight against the tribesmen and bring victory and pride to the United Kingdom.
*Status Update (1898):
I am now participating in a regimental cavalry charge with the 21st Lancers in the Sudan.
*Status Update (1899):
I have decided to break from the army and take part in the government; I failed to be elected to the parliament. Although I am disappointed but getting into the parliament isn’t my whole life. I have decided to travel around as a journalist to the Boer war. However something unpredictable happened!!! I was captured, however with my wits I was able to find a way to escape. After my escape I was then commissioned into the South Africa Light Horse.
*Status Update (1900):
I have now returned to England again and have decided to run in the parliament again as a Conservative MP. This time I was elected to join the parliament. Finally I made it into the parliament!!
*Status Update (1904):
I have now decided to take a step forward in the parliament by leaving the Conservatives and joining the Liberals. I don’t know if it is a good decision or not, but it won’t hurt to try new things.
*Status Update (1905):
I am proud to present that I am now made Under Secretary of State for the Colonies. It is one of the biggest steps of my life, however I will watch every step in my life since as you go higher the steps would become steeper and more dangerous than before.
*Status Update (1908):
There is good news again I am made the President of the Board of Trade. However I am lonely and I have a woman that I love. I can’t make her wait forever for me so I have decided to marry her, the love of my life Clementine Hozier.
*Status Update (1910):
Again, again, again. La, la, la, la, la~ I am now the Home Secretary.
*Status Update (1911):
Again, one of my biggest steps of my life I am made the First Lord of the Admiralty for the first time. I would take my job seriously and I promise to devote myself to the United Kingdom.
*Status Update (1914):
I am sad today. The worst news throughout my whole life, the first World War has begun. Although I don’t like wars and it would hurt every inch of my heart for every Britain citizen and soldier that is killed however I will completely devote myself to bring victory to the United Kingdom.
*Status Update (1915):
After the disasters of the Dardenelles, I have decided to resign from the Cabinet and rejoin the army. One part of my life that I am never shy to present, in the opposite I am proud that I can fight for my own country.
*Status Update (1916):
I have to lead the men of the 6th Battalion Royal Scots fusiliers in the trenches of France. Being in the military is more difficult than being in the parliament. I think that I am getting old already. I have now decided to resume my political career, in which it suits my age the best.
*Status Update (1917):
After I came back to the parliament I am working as the Minister of Munitions.
*Status Update (1918):
Finally some good news, WW1 has finally ended YIPPPEEEE! Although we have met many loses, but all soldiers and citizens that died in the war would be remembered and respected. Britain now has to move on forward and recover from the war.
*Status Update (1919):
It seems like I keep changing positions every year. Now I am working as the secretary of state for war and air. Although I experience many changes, but it’s kind of enjoyable since you don’t need to do the same kind of job year to year.
*Status Update (1921):
Surprise, surprise I have now changed positions again because now I am working as the…………..colonial secretary!!!!
*Status Update (1922):
I am sad… I lost my seat as MP for Dundee in the general election. Life is life, if you gain too much you need to lose something in return. I have to walk on and be more considerate about each step of my life from now on.
*Status Update (1924):
I have now decided to leave the Liberals and rejoin the Conservative party. I am taking this step of my life as a good luck step in which I would forget about what I loosed. Now as I take each step with pride, I am re-elected to the parliament and now as the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Congratulations to me~!!
*Status Update (1930s):
This year is the most horrible day in my life, or as people may say at the back of me as my “ wilderness years”. I am out of the office and am largely out of anyone’s favour. This is because I am being seeing signs of war in the future. Due to this I warned the others that there was a threat of war with Germany, but no one would listen to me.
-Comment by Hitler: hahahahahahahahah!!!! No one believes youuuu. SEEEE we seem so innocent that no one would believe that we had such bad thoughts in our minds. Ha ha ha hah hah haaa
-Comment by Stalin: Soooo saddd no one believes youuuu. If people did believe you Soviet Union wouldn’t need to face with so much damage done to our country. I am sooo saddd, but you are so smart to know that Germany had evil thoughts in their mind, in which I never thought of too.
*Status Update (1939):
Finally, everything has been proved that I wasn’t lying. Germany proves to be a threat to the world. Britain declares war on Germany and because I was the person who saw signs of the war and no one listened to me, they granted me with an apology which is my come back into the parliament as the First Lord of Admiralty.
*Status Update (1940):
This is the most important year of my life, the year that I am made Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. However I have no time to cherish over my position, I have to lead my country out of the dark days of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. I must bring my country to victory with all my might no matter what it takes.
-Comment by Hitler: Ohhh nooooo, why were you made Prime Minister of Britain. You are the greatest obstacle in my plan to conquer the worlddd. If you weren’t made Prime Minister things should have been easier.
*Status Update (1941):
War has never brought any good to anyone; it just destroys and damages everything. I am sad to announce that Russia now has decided to enter the war because Hitler invaded the USSR. The Japanese that are allies with Germany and are known as the Axis Powers attacked Pearl Harbor. Since America has been supportive to us and we are allies we declared war on Japan. Germany and Italy were also allies with Japan, so they now declare war with USA. This means that Japan, Germany and Italy declare war with America, while Britain also declares war with Japan. It aches my heart every time I think about each and every person that has been killed because of the war. I have to end it as soon as possible.
-Comment by Hitler: Good news for you that stupid, dumb Stalin has decided to join forces with youuu, cause I never meant to take the relationship between me and him that serious anyway. DUUUHHHH!!!
Stalin: I am angry and mad that I have once in my lifetime believed someone like Hitler, I will join forces with you and hope that you would not betray me like he did. Pretty pretty pleasssee.
*Status Update (1942):
Bad news has never stopped coming after the war has started. The Japanese had gained victory after victory in the Far East. Rommel is dominant in North Africa. I now need to meet with Stalin and Roosevelt to talk about the war. I approved the policy of saturation bombing German cities. In October, Montgomery has finally brought victory to the allies in the Battle of El Alamein.
-Comment by Hitler: seems like you’re loosing to my friend in the Far East named Japan, well that’s what you get for turning against us and not supporting us. WE WILL ROCK THE WORLD!!!
*Status Update (1943):
There is good news at last! The Russians have finally been able to regain Stalingrad!! YIPPPEEEE!!!! The allies also have been able to drive the Germans out of North Africa and invade Sicily and Italy, I believe that victory isn’t far ahead if nothing goes wrong. YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!
Stalin: yeaaaa!! I got Stalingrad backkkk. YIPPPEEE thanks for you support Churchill!!
*Status Update (1944):
This year is the D-Day in which Germany is going to be defeated. I believe world peace isn’t far ahead now.
-Comment by Stalin: YIPPPEEEE!! We have done it, we have now won Germany and have only the Japan to get rid offff!!! I will send my soldiers in 90 days after Germany looses the war.
*Status Update (1945):
YIPPPEEE!!! We Rockk!! Europe has finally gained its victory. However my government was defeated in the general election. Although this bad news but there is also good news since 2 nuclear bombs was dropped on Japan making them surrender, however I am sad about the innocent lives that were killed.
-Comment by Stalin: Finally, we have won the war. Although I don’t like you guys but I think that we have done a good team work. HIGH FIVE !!!
*Status Update (1946):
“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an "iron curtain" has descended across the Continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the Soviet sphere, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to Soviet influence but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of control from Moscow.” I have given the Iron Curtain speech in Missouri.
-Comment by Stalin: Yeahh !! I hate you guys the capitalists although we were once a team, but that was before now it is war between ideas. I will try my best to spread communism, while you beware and try to stop it spreading!! Ookayy!!
Name: Margaret Hilda
Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher Basic Info
Position: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ( May 4, 1979- November 28, 1990)
Born: October 13, 1925
Birth Place: Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Nationality: British
Political Party: Conservative
Spouse: Sir Denis Thatcher, Bt.
Children: The Hon. Carol Thatcher, Sir Mark Thatcher, 2nd Bt.
Personal Info
Education: Somerville College, Oxford
Occupation/ Profession: Leader, Statesperson, Politician, Scientist (Chemist), Lawyer
Religion: Anglican (after marriage), Methodist ( before marriage)
Known: Britain’s First Female Prime Minister, House of Lords
Nicknames: Iron Lady, Hero of Freedom
Hobbies: Swimming, hockey, walking, reading
Clubs: Member of Association of Scientific Workers, Carlton Club, Gentlemen’s Club
Rumors: Had a bad relationship with the Queen.
Favorite books: 100 Top Women Since the Past
Name: Mikhail Sergeyevich
Gorbachev Basic Info
Nationality: Russian
Position: President of the Soviet Union ( March 15, 1990- December 25, 1991 )
Born: March 2, 1931
Religion: Russian Orthodox Church
Birth Place: Stavropol, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Political party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1950-1991), Social Democratic Party of Russia (2001-2004), Union of Social Democrats ( 2007- present), Independent Democratic Party of Russia ( 2008- present)
Spouse: Raisa Gorbachyova
Personal Info
Education: Moscow State University
Known: 7th and Last general Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, first Soviet Leader to visit China
Award(s): Noble Peace Prize in 1990, Otto Hahn Peace Medal in Gold in 1989, award of the Order of St. Andrew Archons of the Ecumencial Patriarchate of Constantinople.
Favorite Books- The Road to communism.
About me: anti-alcoholism , anti- democracy
Club& Committees: Communist Party Central Committee, Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union
Nicknames: Gorby
Name: Joseph Stalin Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 18 December 1878
Hometown: Gori, Georgia
Relationship status: Widowed
Interested in: a new relationship
Religious view: Atheist
Personal Info
Activities: Scaring people, blackmailing them
Fave music: Punk Rock
Fave books: Grundrisse
Fave quotes: Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.
About me: My nicknames are “Koba”, “Soselo”, “Ivanov”
Education & Work:
First general secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union’s Central committee
Name: Harry S Truman Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of birth: May 8, 1884
Hometown: Lamar, Missouri
Relationship status: Married
Political view: If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances. Neither of them thinks anything of their pledged word."
Religious view: -
Personal Info
Fave music: Classical
Fave books: Way to Victory
Fave quotes: If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances. Neither of them thinks anything of their pledged word."
Education & Work: 33rd president of United States
Harry S. Truman’s Status History *Status Update (Jan 29, 1945): I hope I can be the president instead of being a vice president ….sighh
-Comment by Roosevelt: Come on, I like you as my vice president!
*Status Update (April 12, 1945): I finally get to be the president! I guess all my hard workings have really paid off!
*Status Update (April 19, 1945): “I felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me.”
*Status Update (Aug 1945): “We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world! It maybe the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark”
-Comment by Stalin: But my scientists are researching to find a bomb that is even more destructive than the atomic bomb!!! WHAHA WAY TO GO hydrogen bomb!!
*Status Update (Feb 1946): I have proposed my genius solution that was seen by many as high-handed, and labor voters already tried of the way I handled the workers’ issues! Aren’t I a genius?
*Status Update (March 12, 19487): I have decided to follow a policy of containment where communism shall not be spread beyond its respective positions.
*Status Update (Nov 29, 1947): I am annoyed with the persistence of the extreme Zionist leaders! ARGH! It’s so irritating!
*Status Update (1948): Oh my god! I heard about me that I’m losing for second term before my tomorrow’s presidential odyssey, I hope it will just turn out to be a rumor!
Name: George Marshall Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of birth: December 31, 1880
Hometown: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Relationship status: Widowed
Interested in: Being a General
Religious view: -
Personal Info
Fave music: Classical
Fave books: Soldier-Statesman of the American Century
Fave quotes: Don't fight the problem, decide it. Better to talk than fight.
Education & Work: General of the Army
George Marshall’s Status History *Status Update (1901): I have finally graduated from Virginia Military Institute! Yeeehaaa!
*Status Update (1902): I have received a commission as a second lieutenant and will be sent to the Philippines. Wish me LUCK.
*Status Update (1906): I have decided to resume my education at Fort Leavenworth, and I plan to graduate at the top of the class and be qualified for the Army Staff College. You know, I’m pretty smart…
*Status Update (WWI): I shall serve my country on the Western Front and look forward to victory!
*Status Update (1918): Armistice has been signed between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers, hopefully this will mark the end of the war…
*Status Update (June 1933): I have been given command of the 8th Infantry and shall be responsible for 34 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.
*Status Update (October 1936): I have been promoted to brigadier general! I have also been given command of the 5th Brigade at Vancouver Barracks in Washington.
*Status Update (1936): I have fallen seriously ill and my doc says I have to have my thyroid gland REMOVED (ohh mannn). I wish to eventually make a full recovery.
*Status Update (August 1938): I have been appointed chief of the War Plans Division! I’m climbing up the ladder yay!
*Status Update (December 1938): I have became deputy Chief of Staff. This promotion has brought me into contact with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and members of his administration. I hope to get along…
-Comment by Harry Hopkins: I have been especially impressed with you, Marshall and I have suggested to the president that you should become the new Chief of Staff.
-Comment by Roosevelt: By the way, I have agreed to Hopkins’s suggestion and you shall assume office on September 1939.

*Status Update (1939): It looks like a second global war is bound to happen, this is such a tragedy…
-Comment by Roosevelt: It is indeed such a tragedy, I hope to isolate America out of such matters.
*Status Update (WWII): I have been appointed to direct the United States armed forces throughout this second global war. I hope this war shall end soon enough…
-Comment by Hitler: This war shall not end until Germany has gained its rightful position and respect!
*Status Update (1944): I feel disappointed that I have not been given command of the Allied D-Day landings…
-Comment by Roosevelt: You have not been given command due to the fact that I can not afford to lose you as Chief of Staff, so don’t be so bummed.
-Comment by Churchill: Your achievements are monumental and I shall describe you as the "organizer of victory".
*Status Update (January 1947): Truman, has appointed me as his Secretary of State. While in this position, I hope to devise the European Recovery Program (ERP) in order to rebuild Europe’s collapsing economy.
-Comment by Truman: You are "the greatest living American", I feel so grateful that you have become my Secretary of State.
-Comment by Truman: Over the first year the ERP has already spent $5,300,000,000…I hope that the US spending all this money is worthwhile…
-Comment by Stalin: I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY! NOW SHOO!
*Status Update (1949): Being ill has forced me to resign from office and now I’m being replaced by Dean Acheson. (why?!)
*Status Update (1950): I’m now at the ripe old age of 69, but I still decided to accept the post as Secretary of Defence…I shall help organize United States forces for the early stages of the Korean War. YAY to go MR. 69!!! I SHALL FIGHT~!!!
Name: John Fitzgerald
Kennedy Basic Info
Occupation: 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until assassination in 1963
Born: May 29, 1917
Location of Birth: Brookline, Massachusetts
Died: November 22, 1963 (aged 46)
Location of Death: Dallas, Texas
Nationality: Irish American
Spouse(s): Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy
Children: Arabella Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., Patrick Bouvier Kennedy
Personal Info
Alma mater: Harvard University (S.B.)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Political party: Democratic
Experiences: commander of the Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 during WWII in the South, represented Massachusetts's 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953 as a Democrat, served in the U.S. Senate from 1953 until 1960, defeated the Vice President and Republican candidate Richard Nixon in the 1960 U.S. presidential election
Favorite Quotes: “A child miseducated is a child lost.” “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
Favorite Music: Classical Jazz
Hobbies: golf, basketball, tennis, football, reading
Favorite Book: Financial Crisis
Favorite subjects: History and English
Name: Ho Chi Minh Basic Info
Born: Nguyn Sinh Cung and also known as Nguyn Ái Quc
Occupation: Vietnamese Communist revolutionary and statesman who was prime minister (1946–1955) and president (1945–1969) of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)
Birthday: 19 May 1890
Location of Birth: Ngh An Province, French Indochina
Died: 2 September 1969 (aged 79)
Location of death: Hanoi, Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Nationality: Vietnamese
Political party: Vietnam Workers' Party
Personal Info
Experiences: led the Viet Minh independence movement from 1941 onward, establishing the communist-governed Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945, defeated the French Union in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu
Accomplishments: remained as the highly visible figurehead president until death, the former capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, after the Fall of Saigon, was renamed H Chí Minh City
Favorite Quotes: “You can kill ten of my men for every one I kill of yours, but even at those odds, you will lose and I will win.” “We have a secret weapon...it is called Nationalism.” “Love other human beings as you would love yourself.” "You are always marching with us, Uncle H."
Favorite Books: The Communist Manifesto, Guerrilla Warfare
Favorite Music: Folk
Hobbies: Developing the Personality cult in Communist Vietnam
Name: Nikita Sergeyevich
Khrushchev Basic Info
(Russian Name: Никита Сергеевич Хрущёв)
Occupation: Soviet politician during the Cold War era
Birthday: April 15, 1894
Location of Birth: Russian village of Kalinovka in the Kursk Governorate
Died: September 11, 1971 (age 77)
Nationality: Soviet
Political Party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Spouse(s): Yefrosinia Khrushcheva (1916–1919, died)
Marusia Khrushcheva (1922, separated)
Nina Khrushcheva (1923–1971, survived as widow)
Religion: Atheist
Personal Info
Education: was able to receive a technical education thanks to the October Revolution and became a believer in the benefits of the workers' state
Experiences: After Stalin's his death in 1953 many political heirs fought for power which after several years, I emerged to be the Premier of the Soviet Union. On February 25, 1956, at the Twentieth Party Congress, delivered the "Secret Speech", where I wished to create a less restrictive era in the USSR. My policies, which were aimed at improving the lives of citizens, were often ineffective, especially in the area of agriculture.
Favorite Quotes: "Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!" "Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers."
Favorite Book: State and Revolution
Favorite Music: Blues
Hobbies: Pursuing domestic policies
Potsdam Conference Member(s):
Stalin: Now that Germany is defeated in Europe, it has to pay for the damage from the war.
Truman: Germany shouldn’t be paying for the cause of the war. Since the war began, their industry needs time to rebuild. There is no way that Germany is able to pay.
All three: Germany should be divided between USA, Britain, France and Russia. And Russia will receive the majority, but Berlin will be divided as well. And so countries will help neighboring countries to rebuild.
Stalin: The Nazi criminals should be trailed and be brought to judgment.
Churchill: Agreed. They are war criminals and many deaths were caused by them. And Poland that lies between Germany and Russia should receive aid.
Stalin: Russia will provide aid to Poland since we are neighboring countries.
Truman: Disagree. Russia should give Poland limited aid and not interfere with their government.
Stalin: Now since War has ended in the west, Russia will now move troops to the east and invade Japan to end the war once and for all.
Truman: Invading Japan would me unnecessary since the USA have developed a new weapon and will be used on Japan. GROUP BOARD Yalta Conference Member(s):
Winston Churchill
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Joseph Stalin Winston Churchill: Good morning Mr. Stalin, good morning Mr. Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Good morning, good morning.
Joseph Stalin: Good morning.
Winston Churchill: Well now we should start our conference, since it’s an exclusive club, with a very expensive entrance fee of at least 5 million soldiers.
Stalin: Germany is nearly to its end, the Red Army are moving and going to attack from the East.
Winston Churchill: The British troops are going to advance from the West and so is the USA troop, isn’t it Mr. Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Yeah, they are on their way to attack from the West.
Stalin: Everything should be going as planned and Germany would be soon to its end
Winston Churchill: Yeah, with our main objective which is to capture Berlin Germany would surely come to its end.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Well I think we surely can defeat Germany although Berlin isn’t captured, in which….
Stalin: Well let’s put our final decisions about the peace keeping body, in United Nations in which we discussed about in Teheran.
Winston Churchill: I surely agree that we should form the United Nations.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: The United Nations wouldn’t do any harm and would be useful in the future with world crisis. However Mr. Stalin would the USSR be part of the United Nations.
Stalin: Well if that’s what should be done, then the USSR would be part of the United Nations. However I want all 16 soviet socialist republics to be granted membership as part of the United Nations.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Well if that’s what you want then it all 16 Soviet Socialist Republics would be granted membership to be part of the United Nations.
Winston Churchill: Well then since we all agree the United Nations would then be formed.
Stalin: After Germany has been defeated may I ask what would become of Poland. Since the past, Poland has either attacked us or has been used as a corridor to attack us in which no one can guarantee whether or whether not it will happen again. I believe that to ensure the Soviet Union’s safety would only be if Poland had a strong, pro-Communist government.
Winston Churchill: Well then if it comes to this topic we should decide on what kind of government Poland should be governed by.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: I believe if Mr. Stalin thinks that a communist government would be best for Poland.
Winston Churchill: However I do not completely agree, I want the Poland citizens to have some part in deciding bit and pieces about the future of their country. I as a representative of the United Kingdom would never content with any solutions that did not leave Poland a fee and independent state…
Stalin: With free elections, I don’t believe that it would be called a communist country
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Mr. Stalin I however do agree with Mr. Churchill that the Poland citizens should have some say about their future on boarder of democratic basis.
Stalin: I would only promise to free elections if we reorganize the communist Provisional Government of the Republic of Poland.
Winston Churchill: Well if that’s what you want, then I agree, how about you Mr. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt: No problem since we have met halfway with our decisions.
Stalin: The Polish eastern border would follow the Curzon line.
Winston Churchill: okay, since Polish issues are already discussed let’s continue on to our next topic is what would happen to Germany after it has been defeated.
Stalin: It is easy Germany would then be divided into 4 zones.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Then who is going to occupy those 4 zones.
Stalin: Poland would receive territorial compensations in the West of Germany.
Winston Churchill: How about France, since although they didn’t do much however they still had part in fighting against Germany.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: We should pity France and show some sympathy to them.
Stalin: Well if that’s what you agree upon France, France would then maybe given a fourth occupation zone in Germany and Austria.
Winston Churchill: France would be happy to hear this news.
Stalin: However ….. it would be formed out of the American and British zones only.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Well what should be done should be done. I agree.
Winston Churchill: Well at least it isn’t completely unfair to France to not give anything at all.
Stalin: After the war how about the reparations in kind and in manpower.
Winston Churchill: Well for reparations in kind and in manpower…
Stalin: although I am the person to bring up the topic, but the USSR isn’t ready to discuss reparations in manpower yet, so I ask to only discuss about reparations in kind instead.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Well if that’s what Mr. Stalin wants, let’s decide about reparations in kind.
Stalin: Well reparation in kind should include factories, plants, communication equipment, and investment boards and more, in which all of this should be built by 10 years. The total value of in kind reparations asked by the Soviet Union is $10 million dollars, in which it needs to be paid by 10 years. Germany heavy industries should be cut down by 80% percent after 2 years of their surrender. The Allied powers would also take control of the German industries and all industries should be used in the production of war materials.
Winston Churchill: Mr. Stalin I agree with everything you have said, but the $10 million dollar reparation that you are asking to be paid.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: I agree with Mr. Churchill, perhaps there should be a committee that is appointed to study on this issue.
Winston Churchill: I agree with Mr. Roosevelt that we should form a committee for this issue. However I think that Germany reparations should be mainly forced labors since they also have faced many loses after the war.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: These forced labors would be used to rebuild and fix all the damages done by Germany.
Stalin: Well then since all is agreed except for the $10 million dollars, then the creation of the reparation council would be formed, however it would be located in Russia.
Winston Churchill: If that’s what you want.
Stalin: After the war Germany would then be demilitarized and denazifactioned.
Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt: Of course, of course.
Winston Churchill: All Nazi criminals would then by hunted down and brought to justice.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Mr. Stalin, however I want to ask you to join the fight against Japan after Germany has been defeated.
Stalin: I give you my word that I would send troops to fight against Japan 90 days after Germany has already been defeated.
Winston Churchill: But about dividing Germany again, I think we should set up a committee to decide how Germany would be divided.
Stalin: Well if that concerns you so much, the Committee on Dismemberment of Germany would be set up.
Winston Churchill: Thank you Mr. Stalin for caring about my feelings.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Well all issues have been settled.
Stalin: I believe we have all come to an agreement.
GROUP BOARD Tehran Conference Member(s):
Winston Churchill
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Joseph Stalin November 28, 1943
Roosevelt: I wish to strengthen the cooperation between the United States, Great Britain, and the USSR.
Stalin: I will cooperate with you but on one condition, that will be….You two would have to support my reign and the partisans in Yugoslavia, and allow for the manipulation of the border between Poland and the USSR. What do you say?
Roosevelt: Sure, I’ll cooperate with you.
Churchill: So do I.
Stalin: Great then, now lets discuss about the Operation Overlord and the general war policy.
Roosevelt: Lets make agree to begin the Operation Overlord in May next year. Oh, Churchill, we should open a second front in France next year in spring.
Churchill: What a great idea!
Stalin: Roosevelt, I need to get a backup troop in western part, it would be helpful for USSR to enter the war against Japan after we defeat the Nazi.
Roosevelt: Sure! The troop will be arrive in the spring next year. After this we will divide the territories to be controlled by the three of us.
Churchill: Stalin, you have to pledge support to Turkey so that our operation will be successful.
Stalin: Sure! I will do as your advice, but you have to give me the Eastern part of Poland to add to the USSR, and I have authority whatever I want with my country.
 Churchill: Ok, good.
Roosevelt: Fine with me.
Stalin: Also, I will deal with Finland by myself.
Roosevelt: Lets to do this again for better decisions.
Churchill: Right! We should meet often.
GROUP BOARD Marshall Plan Group Founder(s):
George Marshall
William L. Clayton
George F. Kennan Member(s):   
United States
United Kingdom
GROUPS Profiles George Marshall: At Harvard University in June 1947, I spoke of the administration's desire to help European recovery, so now a meeting for the reconstruction plan shall be developed at a meeting of the participating European states, the meeting will be on June 5, 1947.
Greece: Count me in, I’m soooooo going!
Belgium: ME TOO!
George Marshall: The reconstruction plan has now been developed, and the ERP (European Recovery Program) shall address each of the obstacles to postwar recovery. The plan will look to the future, and will not focus on the destruction caused by the war. Some of the most important things that we need to do is to modernize European industrial and business practices using high-efficiency American models, reduce artificial trade barriers, and instill a sense of hope and self-reliance. And, by the way, 16 countries were participates!
George Marshall: The reconstruction plan will be known as the Marshall Plan, where the United States will donate large amounts of money to countries to help them rebuild and restore their collapsed economies caused by WWII in a time range of 4 years.
Truman: I feel a huge, burning hole in my pocket….bye bye 13 billion bucks….
Churchill (Great Britain): I shall say that I’m am absolutely grateful for the money donated through the Marshall Plan to Britain in which we received a total of 3,297 million dollars from the US in a time range of 4 years. I assure you that this money has gone to good use.
France: We are also grateful for the 2,296 million dollars that the United States has donated to us in these 4 past years, from 1947-1951.
Satellite States: Even though you may have offered us money, but we communist countries have all been banned from accepting it. Don’t think you can just bribe us war-torn countries into becoming communist-free!
Stalin: You guys are just trying to bribe Europe into becoming capitalist countries with your money! HO! And you’re just trying to keep up appearances with offering aid to the great, mighty USSR! We aren’t known as YOUR competitor for NOTHING!
Truman: In total the US government has already spent 13 billion US dollars, though some of this money spent is considered part of Germany’s debt, since much of the destruction was the result of German invasion and bombing of certain countries. The US was fortunate to have very little damage since it entered the war late, and the contiguous states were largely untouched by the war. And, I’m here to tell you that the Marshall Plan shall end in 1951 since the US has become involved in the Korean conflict. And those Republicans have since gained control of the house and senate in 1950, and many of them disapprove of this plan. With fewer funds to allocate toward European recovery, the Marshall Plan will soon be officially disbanded. But there might be efforts to extend the plan, but then I doubt those Republicans would vote for it.
Future Witness (Anonymous): The Marshall Plan did succeed for the most part. It did spur significant economic recovery in countries receiving aid. It is also considered the beginning step toward forming a union of the European Countries. This goal was considered important to the US in the prevention of future multi-national European wars.
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