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What is a community?

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of What is a community?

What is a community?
Work in pairs to memorise as many of the key words below as you can in three minutes
Thinking About Diversity...
Diversity Bingo...
Find 2 students who meet the criteria on the handout.

1st Place - Commendation

2nd Place - 2 Credits

3rd Place - 1 Credit
What’s the best skill/knowledge you’ve learned from someone who’s different from you?

How relevant are online communities to you?

What would supermarket choices be like if we were only sold foods produced in the UK?

Why is it useful to have teachers who were not born here working in this country?

Write a paragraph answer to this question - with examples and an explanation! (PEEL parargraph!)

Do communities provide enough activities and services for teenagers?
LO 1: To appreciate what diversity is.

LO 2: To appreciate the benefits of diversity in the UK today.

diversity age cohesion sexuality group respect population difference language
religion gender similarity
Write a definition for the following terms (with an example):
What does it mean to live in the UK in reality?

Does your local area have a strong sense of community?
You need to be able to give examples and explain your answer
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