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create your own fun

eeeeFUN Company B.V.

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of eeeeFUN_UK

By this statement the newbie eeeeFUN introduces itself to the market of electric mobility with their electric scooters.

Dutch design and make with large ambitions to become a worldwide leading brand in electric transportation. The scooters are fully designed and developed by a team of Dutch designers and engineers. With a combination of proven technology, new technical and battery innovations they have created a state of the art scooter that truly excels in driving performance. The eeeeFUN scooters are equipped with plenty of electronic FUN features e.g. a steering control, sound system and text scroll-bar reader.

The front lights, rearlight, indicators and text bar are all LED. The dashboard is equipped with backlight for an exclusive and FUN look. You can customize and buy or lease your scooter online. In most countries eeeeFUN scooters are also available to buy through a retail network.

eeeeFUN scooters are now available in The Netherlands, Belgium. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the UK. Other countries will follow in the
course of this year.

If you want to lease the scooter it will cost you about 50 euros a month. An easy way to save money on your transportation and spend more on FUN things of life. For more information please visit: www.eeeefun.com/press
Theo Huijbreghts: + 31 6 53 25 42 43 # Limited editions, only produced in small numbers

# eeeeFUN lifestyle Club with exclusive offers and events

# Accessories like helmets, quick charger, scooter cover # Chassis has been constructed for speed of up to 100 km/h for all models.

# Chassis has been treated with an electro-phorese treatment, epoxy coated.

# All plastic parts are made in engineering plastics covered with 2 components paint.

# Head and rear light feature high performance LED.

# Backlit dashboard. After switching on, the system will perform
a self diagnostic action. More on eeeeFUN scooters More to come Create your #own fun The driving distance is 35-45 km with an option to increase the battery capacity and the driving range. Charging the battery up to 80% takes just 3-4 hrs. Or 1,5 -2 hrs with the quick charger, to charge the battery up to 80%. The battery weight is about 10 kg, so it can easily be disconnected and taken inside for charging. #Dutch Design Team Product development & Engineering
Adriaan van der Wouden
Rob Wolkers
Johan van Hal
Roel Ridderhof 5 spoke wheels #e80 extra features The New Bettery Technology ® emphasises the innovative concept of eeeeFUN. The battery incorporates a specially developed battery management system to tune motor and battery. This improves performance of the motor as well as the lifecycle of the battery. It also has a stable capacity at lower temperatures. eeeeFUN is a fully-customisable electric scooter with connectivity, to make your life convenient, fun and free. The scooter is standard available in 4 engine versions in black or white.

At www.eeeeFUN.com you can also customize your scooter by uploading your own photo, logo or drawing and choose from
8 frame colors, 6 seats and 2 wheels, to tailor your own personal or business design. Or you can choose from over 100 stock designs which are currently available on eeeeFUN.com, with many more becoming available soon. In the near future eeeeFUN will also offer helmets in matching designs and other accessories. theo@eeeefun.com
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