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Civics - site evaluation presentation

No description

Sabrina Javor

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Civics - site evaluation presentation

Grade Overview
The site:
Exploring the site:
Most useful parts of site
Most useful parts of site
Most useful parts of site
#3: FAQ
Navigation is pretty easy once you know about all of the links.

You just click on the area you want to go to.

It's a very basic site.

One would use this sight by clicking on the appropriate link(s) and reading the desired information.
As previously stated, you click on the link you wish to explore. An example is shown below:
#2: Candidate list
#1: Main Page
B ~
Numerous links make for a slightly confusing set up, but it is rather simple to figure out.
The main page you are taken to when you enter the address contains links to the other pages. this includes links to other important pages like the FAQ's and a list of the candidates.
It goes without saying that this site would have candidates for the elections.

As shown earlier, it's as simple as following a trail of links.
If you are in need of an answer to a specific question, check the FAQ's. Someone else probably has asked before.
Most useful parts of site
#4: Are you registered?
You can check to see if you are registered on the main page. This is essential because if you aren't registered, why bother learning about the candidates, if you can't vote?
Very simplistic set up
Can be confusing because of links
Rather boring due to amount of info.
There are

of links to trail after
A ~
Due to the numerous amount of links, there is a surplus of information. This includes information about the candidates and voting in general.
Helps to understand issues:
C ~
Also due to the numerous links, the site - as previously mentioned - make it slightly difficult to navigate which makes it difficult to find specific information on issues, but it has the state-wide proposals for you to mull over before election time.
A ~
Balances all parties as equally as possible. Unbiased.
Usable information:
A ~
The site is factual and unbiased. All information is usable. It has information on the candidates as well as the proposals.
Character of candidate communication:
C ~
You must follow a trail of links to get to information about the candidates.
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