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shakaiba zakir

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of SOT'2012-13

SOT’ 2010 The Power Of Diversity Richard Gerver What did I do in my
School? In the session 2012-13 we were confident to
involve the whole school What do students
do in clubs? Skills developed through
these Clubs
Solutions/ how we resolved the issues and finally....
I learnt...
"One cannot learn anything by doing
what is right"
learning is all about taking risk . We wanted to introduce New Clubs but there were a number of issues like: 1. We decided to have a zero period once a week Create Writing . New ways of teaching and learning My Inspiration 1.Multiple meetings with the Staff 2.Identified opportunities of learning in new ways
within the regular school setting 3. In 2012 we Initiated Clubs 4. Only two clubs (ICT and Literary) 5. Sessions were held after School 6. A teacher and ETAC Ambassador were involved 7. A very positive response by the students and parents Problems and Issues 1.Uncertain city conditions 2.Time constraints 3.All teachers could not stay back after school regularly 4.Parents were not willing to pick their kids at a later time 5. Resources 6.Training the staff 7. Students were not very comfortable 2. We divided each club into smaller groups and allotted clubs to teachers. 3.Teachers were also given freedom to join clubs of their own choice. 4. Students were restricted to join one club only 5.With time students started interacting with each other comfortably and now senior students are seen helping the young ones. Thank You! Your Questions Please Presented by Uzma Imtiaz Explore Design Experiment Communicate Express Construct Discover Dramatize Calculate Compete Drama Club Photojournalism 2.0 ICT Club Journalism 2.0 Club Community service Project Art & Craft Club Library Club Science Society As a follow up of BAC we organized ICT Open Day, Question Day, Interactive Board Competition and initiated School Based Clubs Communication Vocabulary Creativity Team Spirit Leadership Social ICT Reflective critical thinking Analytical observation Exploration Experimentation Prediction using peripherals Photography Musical Management Entrepreneurship We started off ... Students were Empowered Our Active Clubs 1. Journalism 2.0
2. iEARN
3. Photojournalism 2.0
4. Dramatics
5. Art & craft
6. Scrabble
7. Library
8. ICT
9. Science
11. Bazm-e-Urdu
12. Sports
. iEARN CLUB Some Achievements ... Bazm-e-Urdu Curriculum Links 1. Students learn to face real life challenges and develop
real-life skills
2. Acquire support from their peers
3. Socialize as a community
4. Enhance their leadership skills
5. Become responsible citizens by managing events and acquiring different roles
6. Become experts according to their own intellect
7. Become real entrepreneurs
8. Overcome the fear of losing by learning from their own mistakes
9. Learn time management skills
10.Get an outlet for creativity and develop self esteem
11. Become Independent multi-taskers
12. Bullying is reduced
In short the learning needs of all types of learners are met. Way Forward... Clubs will be divided into even smaller groups Thematic activities will be carried out Students will preside the clubs Club Expo or Open Day to display students' work Skype sessions
"Hong Kong International School" to share the meal pattern,
pulmonologist about healthy habits,an archeologist to know about latest tools for discovery, Gillian Cross-"The Lost" , Phlip Gross - "Lastling" and Maha Khan Phillips- "Mystery of Aagnee Ruby" The World on our palms the parents say.... Mrs. Nasra Sajid Khan "My Daughters Hina and Maria are in Drama and Art Club.They are becoming more confident and independent by being members of the school based clubs. I appreciate the school for this effort and it must go on." Saturday'16th ,March'13 Students think... Mohammad Ali of class VIII I was a member of ICT club last year and now I am in photojournalism 2.0. I played world educational Games enthusiastically and was rated among the first 100 students. Shoaib Arshad of class VIII I am proud to be a part of Photojournalism 2.0 club as 2.0 means interactive. I am enjoying interacting with students from other countries through iEARN forum. I loved the photo-walk and winning Samsung Glaxcy tab 10.1 in the WEG photo contest. Iraj Tariq of class VII I have completed 20 hr internship with "Express Tribune". I learnt article writing and news reporting in a real newsroom.This activity has enhanced my confidence level and I am a
regular blogger on Express Tribune. Raba Ameen of class VIII I am a member of Science Club.I participated in "My Garden Quiz" and earned the title of ''Green Angle". I won an LCD for my school .You can read my profile on Go Green, Facebook page. Mudasir Ahmed,Malaika Ansari,
Agha Muneeb,Arshia Zehra and Maham Naseer We have completed a 20 hr online course on report writing and featured Articles through iEARN world youth news forum.
We are now regularly interacting on the forum and have friends in many countries. The School Management observed Impact of Clubs on Learners Impact of Clubs on the teachers Impact of Clubs on the Institution 1. Sense of ownership
2.Channelize energy in positive activities
3.Learners are ready to meet high expectations 1. Sharing of ideas/ better coordination
2. Enthusiastic teachers/ greater ownership
3. Sense of competition 1. Better and effective use of resources
2. Regular participation in National/ International forums /Events
3. School become a learning community Scrabble Club
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