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Fashion desighning

No description

rachele potaczala

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Fashion desighning

Fashion desighning by rachelle potaczala Thier wages are 43,000 and for experince workers they can make 98,910 Arts, A/V, technology & communications Iam interested in thsi carrer because iam very creative and love fashion iam aslo very artisitic in my oppinion for personality traits for this carrer you should be out going and love fashion, shoes, cloths and be very happy with who your working with. Also i think you should be very artistic and always coming up with new ideas. for transferiable traits you should have good knowlege and enjoy workiong with people also makeing business. you should also enjoy cloths and fabris and patterns. in this carrer iam intrested patterns diffrent fabrics and colors. I love commmuniating with others and love helping others find cloths that look good on them.In this carrer you can express yorself and thats on thing i think i do best. my core values support my carrer choice because job duties /responsibilities of this carrer are introducing new fashion, going to fashion shows, sketching, creating toiles, buying expensive fabrics like mulin or calico. Also choosing materials, retail samples, and custom desighning. what type of training/qualifications are required? you need to go to a good fasion desging school for about 2-4 years and the topucs are beased on textiles, ornamination, and fashion trends the job outlook is based on the number of annual openings and growing rate the salary is $45,149 the related occupations that you could do with a simular education and trainging are high school courses you should take are art
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