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Riju M.

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of TITANIC

The Titanic Build
The 31st of March of 1909 it was installed the keel number 401 in the shipyard Hardland & Wolff where during " years they built the Titanic
The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company ( White Star Line) was an important britanic shipping company, known by two important events
White Star Line

The Iceberg Crash

The Titanic Build

The Vessel Covers



The Titanic sunk
The Titanic sunk in the middle ofthe ocean because of the crash with an Iceberg
The Britannic Sunk
The Britannic was a war ship whick sunk in the WWI
Was subsidiary of Cunard until 2005
In 2005 it was copmpletally acquired by Carnival Corporation & plc
White Star Line history wasmarked by great disasters amd very bad luck

1873 The Atlantic sunk
1893 The Naronic disappears
1909 The Republic sunk
1911 The Olympic crashed
April 1912 The Titanic sunk
The Vessel Covers
Nowadays, all the cunard vessels use the term
White Star Service
Despite the number of disasters, their number of accidents is above the average but not disastrous because it operates lots of vessels
the 14th of April of 1912, at 23:40, with an exceptionally calmed sea, the watchmed gived the Iceberg alarm in 600 meters bow.
tries to avoid the collision
the Titanic collides sideways wih 6 gaps
1st Officer Murdoch
on duty in that moment because the Captain Smith was in his Chamber
The Titanic was sentenced
The Titanic was registred with a deadweight tonnage of 46.328 tones
The transatlantic had 3 propellers, the central one with 4 pales ( 5m of diameter )
It has 16 water compartments and 3 anchors ( 31 tones).

Were actioned by the alternative engines
the external ones
The Safety boats were able to save 962 people, each one with 65 people maximum
Servando Ovies who was born in Avilés and who died in the age of 36 the 14th of April of 1912
He was in the 1st class
He was one of the 10 spanish passengers who starred the inaugural trip
VIDEO ( Reproducing the Titanic Crash )
Cover A: 1st class rooms like smoking rooms, lecture rooms and study rooms.

Cover B: in this cover was the anchor and the 3rd class hall.

Cover C: 2 1st class stairs, 2 2nd class stairs with 2 elevators and 1 3rd class stair.

Cover D: In this cover, was the 1st class dining room near the reception and the 2nd class dining room.

Cover E: This cover was reserved for the 1st, 2nd and 3r class butlers and the officers' rooms.

Cover F: In this cover we could found the pool and the turkish baths.
During a lot of years, a lot of people tried to find the rests of the Titanic.

Some people started an expedition between the Woods Holes Oceanographc.

But was a man who found the Titanic. This man was the Dr. Robert with the help of the IFREMER and the Jean-Louis Michel's Team.
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