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Chocolate Bars

The different brands of chocolate.

Matthew Foale

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars
Double Decker
Milky Way
Kit Kat
Facts about the Kit Kat
Mars Bar
Facts about the Mars Bar
Curly Wurly
Facts about the Wispa
1. It was introduced in 1981
2. There are 8 types of Wispa
3. It was introduced nationally in 1983
4. It contains 210 calories
Facts about the Curly Wurly

1. It was launched in the UK in 1970
2. Curly Wurlys have wholes in them
3. It's designed by Cadbury
4. It's sold in Australia and Belgium
Facts about the Snicker
1. Snickers were once called Marathons
2.They have nuts in them
3. It was introduced in 1930
4. Mars Incorporated is it's owner
Facts about the Galaxy
1. Galaxy launched in 1960
2. It was bought buy Mars in 1986
3. In total, it is 39g in mass
4. In many places it is known as Dove
Facts about the Double Decker
1. It was introduced in 1976
2. It has coffee on the top
3. It has a mass of 60g
4. It has a upper layer of nougat
Facts about the Milky Way
1. It was introduced in 1923
2. The old Milky Way was brown
3. It has 228 calouries in it
4. It's owner is Mars Incorporated
1. This is the United States Kit Kat logo:

2. The owner is Nestle
3. It was introduced in 1935
4. It's previous owners were Rowntree
Facts about the Crunchie
1. Crunchies are crunchy
2. A similar chocolate bar is called the Violet Crumble
3. Crunchies have three sizes
4. They have a honeycomb centre
1. It was founded in 1932
2. There are 18 different limited editions of Mars Bars
3. This is a picture of the U S Mars Bar

4. There are 54g in total
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