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ICONic Boyz

These several videos will show the performances and some behind the scenes footage of the teen heart- throbs , ICONic Boyz. Here is their journey as the youngest crew to ever hit the abdc stage in 8 weeks . Enjoy.

marissa shelly

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of ICONic Boyz

ICONic Boyz Week 1
Kesha Opener ICONic Boyz Week 1
Kesha Performance ICONic Boyz Week 1
Interveiw ICONic Boyz Week 2
Black Eyed Peas Performance ICONic Boyz Week 2
Interview ICONic Boyz Week 3
Katy Perry Performance ICONic Boyz Week 3
Interview ICONic Boyz Week 4
Rihanna Performance ICONic Boyz Week 4
Interview ICONic Boyz Week 5
Justin Beiber Performance ICONic Boyz Week 5
Interview ICONic Boyz Week 6
Nicki Minaj Performance ICONic Boyz Week 7
Interview ICONic Boyz Week 7
Kanye West Performance ICONic Boyz Week 7
Kanye West Opener ICONic Boyz Week 7
Interview ICONic Boyz Week 8
Justin Bieber
Improvement Performance ICONic Boyz Week 7
ICONic Dream Performance ICONic Boyz vs I aM mE
Week 8 Ultimate Battle ICONic Boyz Journey On A.B.D.C
Performances and Interviews Vinny Castronovo
14 years old Madison Alamia
13 years old Nick Mara
13 years old Mikey Fusco
12 years old Louis DiPippa
11 years old Jason Smith
11 years old Thomas Miceli
11 years old Introducing the ICONic Boyz
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