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No description

Arena Communications

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of displays

POS proposals Advertising agency, on the market since 2003

Young but experienced team, with strong advertising background

Provider of innovative POS materials for brand support

Provider of creative services (graphics, DTP) Who are we? Our top POS brands What is a flash display? Foldable, ready to pop out, personalized cardboard displays Usual displays Event/hostess support Event /hostess support 3D add ons Extensions Secondary placement Examples 3D POSM Wobblers, stoppers & shelftalkers Table tents Product placement Cash trays Other executions Material: Vinyl 0,3 mm, up to 70 X 100 cm Print 4+0 C, UV / offset Diecut with adhesive part THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! www.arena.com.ro For direct inquires please contact us: bianca@arena.com.ro - 0723 556 526 It takes just 1 second ! Standard column shapes and sizes Product holders Options Event/ hostess support Gates The columns are multifunctional.
You can add different counters, shelves and dispensers. Examples
27cm × 45cm 40cm × 128cm 50cm × 150cm 50cm × 185cm 60cm × 230cm S L XL XL plus 4XL All the options can be combined with all existing sizes and shapes. Communication columns, tables, counters, gates and presenters.
All of them are automatic. The heights and the widths of the gates are flexible. (diecut additional elements) 3D Wall clocks 3D Covers Flyer dispenser Huge pack 3D Posters 3D Clipboard ...medicines ...beauty ...bottles ...food special colors wobbler 2 in 1 stopper & shelftalker 3D stopper special shape 3D stopper wobbler with transparent ribbon zoom in 3D wobbler 3D sign for shelves Racks Table & special designs george@arena.com.ro - 0722 556 526
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